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Progression and Assessment in KS2 Languages

Progression and Assessment in KS2 Languages

Primary schools are expected to provide foreign language teaching to every year group in key stage 2 and to ensure that teaching focuses on substantial progress in one language.  The programme of study for KS2 (2013) set outs the new national requirements for the curriculum in primary languages which requires that pupils are supported in becoming proficient users of any given language and are developed as linguists.

However, while the Languages Programme of study for KS2 sets out expectations for the end of the key stage, it does not give guidance as to what progression might look like across the four years of KS2.  With this is mind, Herts for Learning has produced a Progression and Assessment pack for KS2 Languages.

How can the pack help my school?

  • The pack is designed to help schools to understand what substantial progress looks like and what language learning skills pupils should be developing
  • It offers practical solutions to the assessment of language skills
  • It has been designed to work alongside the ‘New Approach to Tracking Pupil Progress’ an approach developed by Herts for Learning and will feel familiar to teachers currently using that system
  • It can also be used independently of other Herts for Learning approaches
  • It cross-references Herts for Learning’s Primary Languages Quality MarkTM criteria for Bronze, Silver and Gold level for ‘achievement, assessment and recording’ to facilitate the application process for schools considering applying for the PLQM award


"I just wanted to say how very helpful this documentation is.  It is of real practical value and will be very supportive to my staff.  A resource well worth purchasing.  Thank you so much."
Hertfordshire headteacher

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For further information on how to obtain a copy of the pack, please contact: 

Sam Payne
Primary Languages Quality Mark
Tel: 01438 844893

For further information and details of support available, please contact: 

Yvonne Kennedy
Languages Adviser
Herts for Learning
Robertson House
Six Hills Way

New Progression and Assessment pack for KS2 Languages - Schools trialling Early Years approach to linguistic progression (June 2016)

by Ryan Fisher, Journalist

Two Hertfordshire primary schools, Little Reddings School in Bushey and Cherry Tree School in Watford, are taking part in an exciting new project using Herts for Learning’s (HfL) new Progression and Assessment pack for KS2 Languages. The participating schools are trialling an Early Years approach to assessing linguistic progression across Key Stage 2.

Taking as its starting point that observational assessment is key to understanding what children really know and can do, HfL has produced a simple tracking sheet to work alongside the Progression and Assessment in KS2 Languag­es pack. Allowing for the spontaneous capture of important moments in language learning, not everything is always formally recorded or documented. Teachers are free to choose the evidence they record in order to secure their own judgements. One of the advantages of this approach is that observations of everyday activ­ities will provide wider evidence of attainment, and in more than one area of learning. Another advantage is that the flexibility this model affords provides more effective assessment of children, by allowing them the opportunity to demon­strate their understanding, learning and develop­ment in a range of contexts.

Little Reddings was awarded the Bronze Award for the Primary Languages Quality Mark® (PLQM) last year and are currently working towards the Silver level of the PLQM.

Laura Moses, a Year 5 teacher who teaches French across the school said: “I am really excited to be offered the chance to work with Herts for Learning on the assessment project because it is going to support MFL developments in the school, and my own personal and professional development as MFL teacher and coordinator.”

“I am new to this subject and I am aiming to gain as much as I can from the experienced MFL colleagues around me. This will allow me to grow in MFL and hence also allow forfurther MFL developments at the school.”

Cherry Tree is currently in the process of applying for the Bronze award for the Primary Languages Quality Mark®.

Gina Cox, an Early Years teacher who teaches KS2 Spanish, explained that the pilot could help year-on-year progression: “I am the language special­ist in my school so I want children to like learning languages. From a teaching point of view it is great having statements to work to so that that you know you are on track. Ensuring progression year on year can be difficult and this framework ensures that you are building on what you have previously taught.

“I think that Herts for Learning’s Progression and Assessment pack will also give more owner­ship to the class teachers. This will help them to take the next natural step in becoming involved in teaching and assessing their own classes,” concluded Gina.

For more information, or to take part in the programme, contact: Yvonne Kennedy, Languages Adviser