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KS1-KS2 National Curriculum

The national curriculum for England to be taught in all maintained primary and secondary schools from September 2014 was published in September 2013.

At primary level, all subjects have been disapplied until the introduction of the new curriculum from September 2014.

These are the statutory programmes of study and attainment targets for Maths at key stages 1 to 2. They should be taught in England from September 2014.


Herts for Learning will be offering a programme of support to assist schools with the implementation of the new national curriculum which will take the form of central training and bespoke in-school support.

Contact the Primary Maths Teaching & Learning Advisers for the latest information on support for the new national curriculum.



Herts for Learning - Model Written Calculation Policy

The new Model Written Calculation Policy has been developed to support schools in meeting the requirements of the new curriculum.

The proposed changes in the curriculum for mathematics will make heightened demands upon the teaching and learning of calculation. To support consistency and progression for pupils, it is essential that all schools have a clear map for this. This should include the key methods and strategies. Moreover, it is crucial that any exploration of calculation includes the correct vocabulary, the latest models and effective teaching approaches so that pupils develop a sufficient range of strategies and ultimately can select the most appropriate method for the context.

Our policy can support you in planning for progression using methods that are proven to lead to children’s understanding and vertical acceleration through each operation.

For details please contact the Primary Maths Team.