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KS1-KS2 National Curriculum

The national curriculum for England to be taught in all maintained primary and secondary schools from September 2014 was published in September 2013.

At primary level, all subjects have been disapplied until the introduction of the new curriculum from September 2014.

These are the statutory programmes of study and attainment targets for Maths at key stages 1 to 2. They should be taught in England from September 2014.


Training and Consultancy

Herts for Learning offers a programme of support to assist schools with the implementation of the national curriculum which takes the form of central training and bespoke in-school support.

Contact the Primary Maths Teaching & Learning Advisers for the latest information on support for the new national curriculum.


Long Term Planning Resources

The Herts for Learning Maths team have developed a group of materials to support leaders and teachers to understand the progression in each domain; changes to the programmes of study in each year group and long term maps for Years 1 to 6.

Domain progression

The progression in each domain had been mapped from Y1-6 in easy to read A3 formats. These documents will support leaders to understand the progression in each distinct domain. Teachers can also use these documents to 'strand' back and forwards.

Coded Domain progression

The progression in each domain has been re-organised and mapped using the recently produced DfE's sub-strands and curriculum coding reference system. For example, 3F2 refers to the sub-strand of equivalent fractions (F2) in year 3. The documents support leaders and teachers to view the progression in sub-strands. These codes will also be used in the HfL assessment materials.

Mapped changes in each year group

These excel files for Y1 to 6 support teachers to understand the changes to the Programme of Study for each year group. Leaders can also use these documents to identify the raised demands in each year group.

Year group on a page

The Programme of Study for each year group has been re-formatted on one A3 page to help teachers become quickly familiar with the content. The statutory and non-statutory guidance is organised on each half of the page.

Transition meeting notes Y1-6

These documents support teachers to explain the learning of their class to the next teacher. The documents contain further guidance to complete.



PA Plus Web Subscription Package

The Herts for Learning Maths team have created a suite of materials to support schools in implementing the national curriculum which are available by subscription. The following resources are included in the package, together with the long term planning resources above:


Herts for Learning subject experts have designed an easy to pick up and use set of sequences with step by step guidance covering the entire mathematics curriculum from Year 1 to Year 6.  Designed to support teachers, the planning includes examples of how concrete and pictorial representations can benefit pupils’ learning as well as other mastery techniques. The new ESSENTIALmaths planning tool has a wealth of ideas to deepen and extend mathematical thinking for all learners.

pa plus Medium Term Planning

A set of documents have been created to support teachers to construct medium-term planning documents. Three distinct formats have been created to allow schools to choose the approach that will suit their context.

Herts for Learning - Model Written Calculation Policy

Herts for Learning has also developed a model calculation policy, a tool to help schools meet the specific demands of calculation in the new curriculum. It aims to make learning consistent in order to ensure pupils grip the basic calculations. The document maps the progression of pupils with calculation by focusing on language, methods, strategies, models and resources. They are available in both pdf and word formats so can be easily adapted.

More information on on the PA Plus Web Subscription Package can be found on the Herts for Learning website at: