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Tracking Mathematical Learning Objectives (Level 5 to 8+)

By National Curriculum Levels (Level 5 to 8+) and by Year Group (Year 6 to 8+) from the Primary Strategy for Gifted and Talented Mathematicians

The tracking documents below are specifically designed to support primary teachers to cater for the needs of gifted and talented mathematicians. Both tracking tools have a starting point from the Primary Strategy and enable teachers to track specific National Curriculum and Primary Strategy learning objectives above and beyond Year 6 and Level 5.

It is to be noted, however, that this tool is only one way to support the gifted mathematicians within the primary classroom. This support is through acceleration of learning objectives to increase the ‘pitch’ of learning to those of older pupils. Two further approaches of enrichment (using and applying skills in a range of different contexts) and extension (working at a greater depth with increasing complexity, subtlety or abstraction) also need to occur.

National Curriculum Tracking Document


Using and Applying

Tracking Using and Applying from Level 5 to 8+


Tracking Number from Level 5 to 8+

Shape, Space and Measures

Tracking Shape, Space and Measure from Level 5 to 8+

Handling Data

Tracking Handling Data from Level 5 to 8+

Tracking Document  from Year 6 to 8+
from Primary Strategy Strands


Using and Applying 

Tracking the Using and Applying  Strand from year 6 to 8+


Tracking the Calculating Strand from year 6 to 8+

Counting and understanding number

Tracking the Counting and understanding number by year Strand from year 6 to 8+

Knowing and Using 

Tracking the Knowing and Using Strand from year 6 to 8+

Understanding Shape

Tracking the Understanding Shape Strand from year 6 to 8+


Tracking the Measuring Strand from year 6 to 8+

Handling Data

Tracking the Handling Data Strand from year 6 to 8+