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Games using Maths

Alan Parr, an ex-adviser for Mathematics in Hertfordshire has developed some games for Maths Year 2000 in Hertfordshire. They will suit mixed age ranges and can be played by students on their own or with parents or teachers.

Alan tells this story of the time he was developing a game called Traffic Lights with a friend who runs a small games company:

"When Traffic Lights was being developed a key member of the development team was Jack, who wasn't yet seven. His father said, 'I've seen more clearly than ever before into how his mind works', and 'Nothing in his life has ever made him think as hard as this'. Coming from someone with no professional experience of education these remarks give a perfect insight into the positive contribution games can make to children's learning. They can challenge children's thinking at the highest level and help them develop skills which are useful in every subject in the National Curriculum."

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