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ICT in Mathematics

The Hertfordshire Mathematics Team advocates the use of ICT as a resource available to support the teaching of mathematics. It should only be used if it satisfies the following principles:

  • ICT should enhance good mathematics teaching and should be used only if it supports good practice in mathematics teaching.
  • The use of ICT in the daily maths lesson should be directly related to the teaching and learning objectives of the lesson.
  • ICT should be used only if the teacher and the pupils can achieve something more effectively with it than without it.

The ‘ICT Resources’ section supports the Use of ICT in Mathematics by teachers and children. The resources include Interactive Teaching Programmes, spreadsheet workbooks with accompanying guidance and links to further resources on the National Whiteboard Network website.

Embedding ICT into the Primary Framework

Planning a Party resourcesThe main aim of this project was to develop whole class teaching resources that creatively integrate using and applying and investigations to support the teaching of Block C Unit 2 of the Primary Framework in mathematics.

The project also included time for the trialling of the resources in school and the writing of guidance material.