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Optional Test Analysis


Question Level Analysis of optional and statutory tests can now be carried out in RAISEonline:

Raiseonline guidance:

Excel Tools Produced by Lancashire Authority

Alternatively, schools may wish to make use of the Excel tools produced by Lancashire authority, available.


NB the Excel templates on the Lancashire site are not suitable for importing into RAISEonline.

Question Level Analysis of 2003 Optional Tests

These spreadsheets have been produced to provide a straightforward tool to support identifying questions pupils have found particularly difficult and to give total and percentage scores for each child.

Overview and Instructions
Year 3

Mental Calculation Test

Test 3a - Levels 2 to 3

Test 3b - Levels 3 to 4

Year 4

Mental Calculation Test

Test 4a - Levels 2 to 3

Test 4b - Levels 3 to 4

Year 5

Mental Calculation Test

Test 5a - Levels 3 to 5

Test 5b - Levels 3 to 5