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The Primary Computing Scheme

Primary Computing Scheme 2018/19

The Primary Computing Scheme is now available as a bank of digital resources, from the Herts for Learning website.

Current subscribers can access the scheme and accompanying materials by logging in to the website with their school user name and password.


If you would like more information about the Primary Computing Scheme, please contact:

Sam Payne
01438 844893


Computing Scheme Order Form



Version 6 of the Computing scheme

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Schools using our scheme are finding that it provides new opportunities to engage pupils in using technology. 

In a summer 2016 survey, when asked whether respondents would recommend the scheme to a friend or colleague, 86% responded positively.

Kathryn Boulder, Deputy Head and ICT Leader at Hobletts Manor Junior commented:

"Thanks so much for your visit to embed the Hertfordshire computing and ICT scheme, you are a really great support for us, so knowledgeable and full of great ideas."

Congratulations to Cunningham Hill Junior, who adopted the scheme and have had a very successful OFSTED.  The report included this comment:

"In an outstanding lesson in information and communication technology (ICT), pupils were able to reach exceptionally high levels of attainment and develop their skills extremely well. This was because the teacher’s subject knowledge was thorough and secure. Pupils made their own animations and then busily set to work making their ‘voice overs’. The end product was excellent and, as a result, pupils broke into spontaneous applause."

Congratulations to Mandeville Primary School in St Albans on achieving the ICT Mark.  After adopting the scheme , the school has embedded it to support teaching and learning.  The school's excellent ICT Mark report noted:

"The recently adopted new ICT scheme of work ensures that the development of ICT capability is systematically planned for. … ICT sits at the heart of learning at Mandeville Primary."

"e-Safety is an integral part of the new scheme of work and the school participate in e-Safety day each year.  Pupils have excellent awareness of how to keep themselves safe and of issues relating to reliability of information." 

“It has really raised standards in our school.”

ICT scheme coverThe Primary Computing Scheme provides a creative approach to delivering Computing from the EYFS to Year 6 and is fully aligned with the 2014 National Computing Curriculum. It supports the teaching and the development of computing and builds computer science capability for current and future learning and is designed to evolve to embrace new technologies and practices and meet statutory changes to the national curriculum.

The scheme includes extensive assessment support, which follows Herts for Learning’s PA Plus approach.

To offer the greatest flexibility to schools whilst ensuring progression, the scheme is organised into four age phases; EYFS, Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2, supporting mixed and single aged cohorts. The content is broken down into five strands and further organised into termly learning themes.

Any school can subscribe to the scheme and we offer additional support in the form of an introduction session with a Herts for Learning computing adviser, CPD and more.

“Children enjoy it and they make good progress.”

Included in the subscription is access to a growing bank of resources designed to support primary schools in delivering the scheme. These include:

  • Theme guides to provide deeper explanations and guidance to further simplify the learning objectives for KS1 and KS2
  • Progression papers for each strand of the computing curriculum, including Gifted and Talented provision
  • eSafety progression papers
  • Skills audit tool for recognising staff strengths and needs and building on CPD
  • Examples of assessed pupil work, to support teachers in the assessment process
  • Example medium term plans donated by Hertfordshire schools.
  • Printable software guides, lesson ideas, links to useful websites and more.
  • Video guides and tutorials on software.
  • more.......

The scheme is available through the Herts for Learning Primary Computing Team, as an annual subscription. This includes:

  • Electronic copies of the scheme.
  • Access to the online resources bank.
  • Updates for the current version..

“This is a complete scheme and is easy to follow and deliver.”

To enquire about a new subscription to the Primary Computing Scheme please contact us:
Tel: 01438 844893

If you would like access to the Primary Computing Scheme from Herts for Learning Ltd. please download and complete this order form.

Computing Scheme Order Form














Sample Resources & Materials

For further information please download these example files or

Sample Subject


The Herts for Learning Computing SchemePrimary Computing Scheme – Introduction and Strands

The scheme is designed to provide coverage and balance through five Computing strands

Overview scheme v2 themes Sample Theme

learning objectives and assessment statements for one termly theme.

Sample scheme v2 planning Sample Theme Guide

supporting guide for one termly theme

Sample scheme v2 assessment Sample Progression Paper

for the Digital Research strand

Sample scheme v2 assessment Sample help sheet - Introducing Selection in Scratch

An example from one of the many help sheets which accompany version 6 of the Primary Computing Scheme.

Sample EYFS Area Link CardSample EYFS Area Link Card

One of nine cards that are included in the EYFS section, new for version 6.

Updates & Resources

Version 6 Published on 1st September 2017
  • Progression papers to support each strand, including Gifted and Talented provision.
  • eSafety progression papers.
  • Computing skills expectations table, from EYFS to Upper KS2.
  • New skills audit tool for staff.
  • Updated theme guides and lists of example resources
Version 5
  • Brand new online area where new and existing additional supporting resources are published, to support delivery of the scheme.
  • Additional examples of assessed pupil work and medium term planning.
Version 4.1
  • Changes in the Assessment section which has been further developed and clarified in line with the changes in the HfL assessment approach.
  • Extra attachments to support the teachers' assessment of work from the independent project.
Version 4

Version 4 of the Computing scheme includes the following improvements:

  • Further enhanced computer science aspects.
  • Deeper focus on understanding around the physical components of computers and networks.
  • Examples of assessed work to support teachers in the assessment of computing.
Version 3.1

Version 3.1 of the Computing scheme includes the following improvements:

  • The HfL scheme now follows the new HfL Assessment Approach and all the assessment sections have been updated in line with this.  This assessment approach is now available for English, Maths, Science and Computing 
  • The assessment outcomes can be used in SIMS Assessment Manager 7, enabling access to a range of AM7 reports
  • The scheme includes statements to support the creation of a baseline for children entering Year1
  • Improved ideas and inputs for many of the learning themes


Version 3

Version 3 of the Herts for Learning Computing scheme was released in February 2014.  The EYFS section of Version 3 is mapped to the Early Years Outcomes and the scheme as a whole is fully aligned with the 2014 National Computing Curriculum, with an increased emphasis on computing and computer science. 

Schools subscribed to Version 2.1 between 1st April 2013 and 31st July 2013 will receive the new version electronically, but will need to re-subscribe to receive further updates. Schools subscribed since 1st Sep 2013, will receive Version 3 and will continue to receive updates for the current academic year. Other schools subscribed to Versions 1 and 2 now need to upgrade to Version 3.  Please contact for details.

Schools which stay with Versions or 1 or 2  will not receive any further updates.


Version 2

Version 2 of the Herts Computing and ICT scheme was released in September 2012.  The EYFS section of Version 2 is mapped to the 2012 Development Matters and the scheme as a whole has an increased emphasis on computing and computer science.  (A further update will be released once the final curriculum is released later in 2013. )

Schools subscribed to Version 1 now need to upgrade to Version 2.  Please contact for details.

Schools which stay with Version 1 will not receive any further updates.

Schools that have invested in Version 2 should have received the following updates:

Summer 2013

  • The EYFS potential learning themes with computer science understandings indicated.
  • Plans for the KS1 Let's Create learning theme and the LKS2 Turtles and Games learning theme.
    Dave Presky - Little Reddings Primary
  • ICT Staff Skills Audit Analysis Tool - updated to include a cross-check for staff numbers.
    Vrinda Thaker - Meryfield Community Primary School

Spring 2013

  • ICT Staff Skills Audit - Vrinda Thaker - Meryfield Community Primary School
  • Information Models - Medium Term Planning - Steve Mills - The William Ransom School
  • Information Models - Pupil Book - Steve Mills - The William Ransom School
  • Sample progression for Information Models - Y5


Version 1

Summer 2012

Spring 2012

  • Assessment Levels

Autumn 2011

  • ICT formative and summative pupil assessment sheets
  • Tracking proforma

Summer 2011

  • ICT Resource mapping table
  • ICT Scheme supplement EYFS
  • Overview of key elements (updated and extended)

Spring 2011

  • ICT skills and confidence audit for teachers