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Tools for Schools

Tools for SchoolsThe emotional and mental health of children and young people is often a cause of concern for professionals and parents alike. These tools were created to give guidance to universal services to have a better understanding and clarity about how to manage common issues that families face and who to go to for support.


Whole School Approach to Improving Mental Health and Self-review Tool

The School CAMHS Link Managers have developed a Whole School Approach to improving mental health. The model takes account of national guidance and links to local resources and approaches. Schools ask us, "Are we doing enough?" The Self Review Tool enables schools to explore their contribution to 11 domains, identify strengths and areas for development. An action plan template is included and schools may wish to use their review and action plan as part of their application to the soon to be launched Healthy Young Minds in Herts School Accreditation. There is also the option to apply for Suicide Aware Schools status.

More than 400 Hertfordshire schools have a nominated mental health lead. This was a key proposal in the Government's green paper on Children and Young Peoples' Mental Health so we will be contacting all schools in the near future to refresh our database.

The Whole School Approach overview and self-review tool are all available to download from the mental health leads toolkit available at:

Anyone from a Hertfordshire school can register to access the mental health leads toolkit here: (To access the resources you will need to be logged in.)

The mental health leads toolkit:

For further information please contact


Tools for Schools

All the files below are only available for download from within a Hertfordshire School with access to the Grid intranet

Tools for Schools in schools only...

If you are not from a Hertfordshire school this publication can be purchased from Action Point:

Tools for Schools Forms for Recording in schools only...

All the files below are only available for download from within a Hertfordshire School connected to the Hertfordshire Internet and Connectivity Service.

When to Worry
Assessing the Risk
Further Questions Self Harm
Mental Health Concern Form -Individual Record
Whole School Record
Multi Service Mental Health Referral Form


Learning Difficulties and Developmental Disorders and Mental Health Issues

Learning disabilitiesThis guidance has been written to enable schools to:

  • support pupils with learning disabilities and developmental disorders
    who may also have mental health problems
  • work effectively with families, and all agencies/professionals to ascertain a
    best course of action and treatment for the children/young people in their
    care and strategies to consider based on real life case studies
  • Acrobat pdf, 794kb/29 pages, 16/11/2012, learning_disabilities.pdf