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My Teen Brain

My Teen Brain focuses on a key stage of brain development and shows how changes in the adolescent brain, in conjunction with experience and environment, can affect emotions, relationships, behaviours, sleep and attitudes to risk.  

The project aims to raise awareness and provide practical information and strategies to both parents/carers and professionals.  Through training and a range of resources, the initiative will enable them to support young people through this time of change.

Information on the changes that take place in the teen brain is available on our dedicated website:

The website contains lots of practical information and advice for both parents/carers and professionals.  

Workshops for schools

In 2014 Family Services Commissioning, alongside Family Links and Dr John Coleman, developed My Teen Brain for multi-agency professionals working with young people. This has been a valued and well-used resource, and so far almost 1,000 multi-agency professionals have attended the training. More information can be found at:

Since the beginning of 2017 Family Services Commissioning have been working with Dr Coleman to develop a short module for young people themselves. This is designed to be delivered in the classroom, and to last approximately 45 minutes to fit one lesson. The module has three learning objectives. These are:

  • to learn about the changes that take place in the teenage brain
  • to understand how memories are formed, and how this underpins learning
  • to have some knowledge about emotion and stress, and to recognise that there are things young people can do to manage their stress

The materials that make up this module, together with a tutor guide, will be available to schools in Hertfordshire in the early months of 2018. Dr Coleman will be running two workshops for school staff in spring term to introduce the module, and provide professionals with a short training session so that they can make use of the module with their students. There will be two evening workshops:

  1. Thursday 1st March 2018 at Hertfordshire Development Centre 2.
  2. Thursday 15th March 2018 at Hertfordshire Development Centre.

Exact timings are to be confirmed, but they will likely start at 4pm and finish at 7pm. To secure your place at either evening please email with the following information:

  • workshop date
  • name
  • email address
  • job title
  • organisation
  • confirm you have completed My Teen Brain training


Practitioner training

This one-day practitioner course will enable practitioners working with either adolescents or their parents/carers to gain an in-depth understanding of brain development and strategies to promote positive behaviours and manage conflict to enable them to support and guide young people. The learning outcomes of the training day should enable delegates to embed the learning into their practice.

For more information on training please click on the following link:

For further information about My Teen Brain please contact