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End of Project Evaluation

Needs Assessment


Targeted Mental
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End of Project Evaluation Report

The Targeted Mental Health in Schools (TaMHS) project in Hertfordshire was a two year project funded by the DCSF / DfE from 2009 to 2011.

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Needs Assessment

An Assessment of Need for Watford 2009

The Targeted Mental Health in Schools project created an opportunity to examine the needs of pupils, staff, parents and professionals in a targeted area. 

Focusing on the 2 extended schools consortiums in Watford, the project first had to establish what it needed to achieve and this report initially served to shape the delivery of the project.  However, the richness of the information gleaned from the needs assessment has meant this report may be relevant to a wider group of colleagues. 

The information in this report was gathered through a variety of focus groups where questions and discussion were facilitated as well as existing data and a survey of parents developed specifically for this project.




Downloads / Links

Meeting the needs of children and young people in Hertfordshire:

A document for professionals on Integrated Practice

Meeting the needs of children and young people in Hertfordshire (page 6)

Kids in the Middle

An Agony Aunt’s guide for parting parents and their children

Kids in the Middle

TaMHS Evidence Based Guidance

This guide supports the strategic integration of all agencies involved in the delivery of child and adolescent mental health services (including schools) so that they can work together to deliver flexible, responsive and effective early intervention mental health services.

TaMHS Evidence Based Guidance

Useful Web Links

DCSF Targeted Mental Health in Schools programme

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