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How to Thrive

How to THRIVE logoWe are specialists in training schools to help their children and young people be resilient. All our work is based on research evidence and years of experience of working with schools and young people.

How to Thrive originally formed in 2009 as part of HCC. We became a registered charity in 2016 and in October 2017 became independent of HCC. We work in partnership with schools across the UK, developing solutions with them that answer the challenges they and their students face.

Penn Resilience Programme (PRP)

The PRP is 18 evidenced based lessons aimed at 11-14 year olds (although is applicable for older and younger age groups). The PRP teaches resilience skills in a practical, useful and relevant way, appropriate to the classroom and non-school settings. The highly regarded curriculum offers a set of skills that underpin the way your students will cope with setbacks and make the most of opportunities both in school and as life skills beyond school.

Penn Resilience Programme Flyer

Training dates
Dates for June 2018: 11th, 12th, 13th, 19th and 20th to be held in Amersham.

Book now at or call 0330 133 0776

Mental Illness Investigated

Like physical illness, mental illness affects people of any age, race, religion or income. It is not the result of personal weakness, lack of character, or poor upbringing. Challenging the stigma around mental illness will create more opportunities for those affected to seek help. Mental Illness Investigated is a 6 lesson curriculum aimed at year 10 students. Find dates in link below: