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Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Month: February 2013

Ideas for LGBT MonthLesbian Gay Bisexual Trans [LGBT] History Month takes place every year in February.

It celebrates the lives and achievements of the LGBT community.

Ideas for LGBT Month

Hertfordshire’s 'Be the change' ambassadors have been sent a leaflet of ideas for what they could do to celebrate the month in their school. 

‘Be the change…’ is a current social movement focused on inspiring young citizens to be active in improving the world we live in.

Book Karin Hutchinson to help you plan or deliver some of your ideas.
Tel: 01438 843988 / 01438 844767


Drawing the Line

Drawing the LineDrawing the Line is a County-wide initiative and is now in its third year supporting Hertfordshire schools in promoting anti-homophobia and anti-transphobia across the school community.

Ideas for Celebrating Progress during LGBT history month

Celebration could take many forms:

  • a display of pupils' work
  • an assembly or a sequence of assemblies
  • a staff and/or governor meeting to review and mark the progress so far and develop a further action plan to help you move forward
  • marking progress in a newsletter article to parents
  • revisiting anti-homophobia lesson content to ask pupils if things have changed, etc.

To register to participate in this initiative please complete the form below and send or email to:
Julie Grimwade
Support Officer
Tel: 01438 844767


Anti-homophobia Support in Hertfordshire

Under the Ofsted 2012 framework anti-homophobia work has become an essential element in the inspection of every school, primary and secondary.

A new flyer is available to download listing training packages available to schools for teachers, governors and pupils.



Free Resources from Stonewall

Stonewall has made available to all schools in Hertfordshire the following resources about Anti-Homophobic Bullying.

Includes: Updated (July 2012)

  • Including different families
  • Working with faith communities
  • Effective school leadership



Power Point Presentations for use in Class or Assemblies

Here is a powerpoint that you might like to use in an assembly in February to mark LGBT History month.

This presentation has also been developed as a LGBT assembly resource

At the moment it is very plain but feel free to tailor and adapt it with photos and images and additional material of your choice.


Useful Websites & Addresses