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National Anti-bullying Week

National Anti-Bullying Week for 2018

National Anti-Bullying Week 2018
12-16 November
Theme: Choose Respect

As we are often asked to deliver workshops in Anti-Bullying Week, please find below a workshop that we are running throughout November.

Below that is a table of suggestions for you to run yourself across Anti-Bullying Week

Workshop available from HfL wellbeing advisers during November 2018

‘Choose Respect’ Workshop for Years 4 – 6.
Duration  55-60mins

This workshop uses the picture book: Something Else as a focus for thinking about respect and disrespect.
Pupils are invited to recognise the attitudes that lie behind hurtful behaviour and exclusion and to consider how they make choices every day about how they value and respect themselves and others.
An approach to friendship that is more inclusive is introduced and this can be built on by staff going forward if the school wishes.

Optional extra for year 6       
Additional 30 minutes per workshop
Considers a moral dilemma about respect, by watching a 15 minute video from Stonewall about a parent holding homophobic views and impacting on her daughter’s friendship.

COSTS: 1st 2 hours (or part thereof)  £320.  Additional hours (or part thereof)   @ £158
To book contact or call 01438 844819

Suggestions for schools to deliver across Anti-Bullying Week





Parent support

Monday 12 November

Odd socks Day

Respecting yourself: we are all different and all unique

  • Primary: An outline of every child’s hand cut out, and filled with words or pictures showing what they feel makes them unique (talents, interests, expertise, experience, heritage) [Use the hands for a class or school display, e.g. flower or sunburst]
  • Primary and secondary: Talking about respect as a British value enshrined in law and an essential part of how we treat each other in school and society – giving and receiving (N.B. not ‘earning’) respect.

Primary homework – What makes our family unique and different?
What communities or groups are we linked into?

Tuesday 13 November

Local suggestion:

Exploring the meaning of ‘respect’

Primary and secondary: Explore the meaning of respect broadly and in particular contexts, e.g. school, the law, sporting activities, travelling abroad, people who are new…
What are the consequences

Primary and secondary: Set up a video booth for pupils to share their thoughts and ideas in response to questions:
What does respect mean to you?
- What is it?
- How do you give it?
- How do you get it?
- Why is it important?

Use edited responses in a future assembly.
Use edited responses with staff to consider how successfully we are teaching respect and plan curriculum response.

Primary and secondary: Information to parents on the school’s focus on respect, e.g. in teacher and pupil behaviour codes.

Wednesday 14th November

Local suggestion:

Primary: sharing and talking about picture book/s that expose prejudice and how it works, e.g. Something Else, Frog and the Stranger, Pirates next door, or others.

Primary and secondary:
Define prejudice. How do we recognise it? How should we respond when we see/hear it?
Secondary: What is Hate Crime? How does it impact the lives of all involved?


Thursday 15th November

Anti-cyberbullying day

Stop – speak - support

Primary and secondary: Skill based activity focused on how you would respond to

  • Receiving a hurtful comment online yourself
  • Seeing a hurtful comment about someone else
  • Realising that when you were angry or upset you sent a hurtful comment about someone else

For older primary pupils and secondary pupils a cautionary tale about Paris Brown, the 17 year old Kent youth PCC who resigned after Twitter row in 2013

What advice would you give to other young people about their reputation online?

Sharing key messages covered during the day with parents, to enable them to have further conversations.

Friday 16 November

Friendship Friday

  • Primary: Use of Stonewall DVD – ‘Free’ with juniors – especially Jake’s story to explore stereotyping and being friends with people who are different from you.
  • Primary and secondary: Deeper thinking about the role of a friend to listen but not rush to take sides and judge others. The importance of helping a friend with a problem to access support to solve the problem.