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Hertfordshire’s Anti-bullying Accreditation has received national recognition for its quality and rigour.  It supports schools in improving the effectiveness of their anti-bullying practice and celebrating their progress, as a whole community, toward reducing hurtful behaviour and pupil vulnerability.

The programme requires schools to maintain high quality and responsive anti-bullying policy and procedures in line with DfE guidance, Ofsted judgements and legal requirements.

Participation in the Hertfordshire Anti-bullying Accreditation will:

  • ensure the school is complying with all relevant legal requirements, including public sector equalities duties
  • support the school’s self evaluation in preparation for Ofsted inspection
  • provide quality indicators for improving anti-bullying policy and practice in line with DfE and Ofsted requirements
  • support the improvement of pupil and parent engagement in delivering effective anti-bullying practice.


Entry to the Programme

Schools are required to have one of the following in place before acceptance onto the programme:

  • Minimum of grade 2 for “the extent to which pupils feel safe” on their last Ofsted inspection or
  • grade 2 under the Ofsted 2012 judgement for the behaviour and safety of pupils at the school

Schools should be aware that, at the time of submission of their application for accreditation status they will need to show that the school’s public sector equalities duties related to anti-bullying are being discharged (Equalities Act 2010).


Criteria & Evidence

  • Participating schools will be required to prepare a portfolio of evidence (either in paper format or electronically). 
  • If the application is successful accreditation status will be awarded for a period of 3 years.

The 8 compulsory criteria are: 

  • A named member of Senior Leadership Team is responsible for and leads on the accreditation scheme within the school
  • Governors monitor anti-bullying and a named governor ensures an active oversight within the school
  • An anti-bullying policy* is in place that is in line with local and national guidance; is owned, understood and implemented by the whole school community; and is reviewed at least annually
  • All staff receive at least annual CPD/updates that respond to identified training needs to ensure effective implementation and consistency of delivery of school policy (including induction for new staff members)
  • A timetabled programme is delivered within the curriculum (e.g. in PSHE) that develops the values, skills and understanding that promote anti-bullying behaviours, e.g. SEAL, resilience programme, protective behaviours, etc.
  • Pupil engagement and participation is an active part of the school’s anti-bullying programme, including a school based peer support scheme.
  • Procedures are in place to ensure consultation processes for evaluating and developing anti-bullying policy and practice involving parents, pupils, staff, governors and the wider community.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of anti-bullying across the school is in place through use of data, consultation and stakeholder feedback

The 8 compulsory criteria apply to all phases, however, the approach taken is expected to vary and be age appropriate.


Accreditation Costs from June 2017

Registration for accreditation

An annual charge of  £55 (£65)

Applications for accreditation   

When a school submits their portfolio for accreditation, a charge of £270 (£320)

If a school is asked to submit specific additional information pending their award, no further charge will apply if additional information is provided within 2 terms.

Additional information submitted more than two terms after initial application will incur an additional cost of £55 (£65)


Resources to Support Schools in the Accreditation Process

The following resources will be sent to all schools on completion of their registration process

  • Optional portfolio form – to assist review and development planning
  • Guidance: The role of the named governor



Registration Form

To register please complete the form below:

Health & Wellbeing Team
Robertson House
Six Hills Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2FQ
Tel: 01438 845111


Further Training & Support

If you require further training and support can be booked on a traded basis. 

Please contact Karen to discuss your support needs:


There is no specific requirement to have a separate anti-bullying policy.  It can be part of a behaviour policy as long as it is sufficiently robust and there is clear evidence of effectiveness.