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History Source Packs available from HALS' Education Service

Child LabourEach pack contains an introduction and notes on the subject, together with facsimile copies of related documents.

All packs are available from HALS at the price shown plus £1 postage and packing.

The County Election of 1805

Includes election addresses, correspondence, election expense accounts, a contemporary diary etc. £2.50

A Village and its People

Includes a survey of the population of Barkway and Reed, and documents concerning the Free and National Schools £2.50

Poverty and Welfare: the old Poor Law 1601 - 1834

Includes documents relating to the parish poor, the workhouse, and setting the poor to work £2.50

Turnpike Roads

Includes extracts from a turnpike act, minutes of trusts and the Holyhead Road reports, a poster, advertisement and map, and accounts of road building costs etc. £2.50

Travelling for Pleasure 1759 - 1804

Includes travel diaries, letters etc. £2.50

Weston Inclosed: parliamentary inclosure of a Hertfordshire parish

Includes minutes of meetings of landowners, inclosure act, bill of parliamentary costs, public notices, inclosure commissioners' minutes, clerk's accounts etc. £2.50

The Age of Jane Austen

Includes extracts from personal diaries, correspondence, recipes, household accounts and illustrations of contemporary fashions etc. £2.50

Markets and Fairs

Includes photographs, maps, engravings, and documents concerning the origins and working of markets, corn exchanges and fairs. £2.50

Small Village Settlements

Includes extracts from tithe maps and awards illustrating the structure of the villages of Aldbury, Barley, Hertingfordbury, Ridge, Walkern, Wallington and Westmill, c.1840. £2.50

Open Fields and Common Land

Includes a survey of the manor of Cheynes in Cottered 1580, pre-inclosure maps, and a survey and map of Little Berkhampstead Meads 1685, illustrating the working of the open field system of agriculture. £2.50

Lock , Stock and Barrel

Ten 17th century probate inventories with introduction, illustrations, glossary, transcripts and notes. £3.50

Public Health in Hertford 1830 1850 (the Cholera Epidemics of 1832 and 1848/9)

Includes extracts from the Hertford census of 1851 and parish burial registers, photographs, correspondence, newspaper cuttings, map etc. £2.50

A Hertfordshire Christmas in Victorian Times

Includes newspaper cuttings, christmas card, illustrations of children and toys etc. £5.00

Hertfordshire in War and Peace 1938 - 1946

Includes photographs, newspaper cuttings and documents concerning the preparations for war, evacuation, the Home Guard, invasion plans, a spy in Hertfordshire, air raid precautions, bomb damage, rationing, British Restaurants, women and the war effort, paying for the war, and victory celebrations. £7.50

Child Labour in Nineteenth Century Hertfordshire

Includes documents relating to child employment in the silk industry, papermaking, straw plaiting, agriculture, brickmaking, and chimney sweeping. £8.50