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Early Years Resources

The following resources are availabe for you to use. Your Early Years Consultant/Adviser can also support you to use these resources.


Early Years Resources

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Places to Play Guidance and Audit

The guidance contains invaluable resources that will help practitioners to effectively organise their Early Years environment so that it invites learning across a range of contexts, indoors and outdoors. Each section provides an overview of an area of provision and includes the adult’s role, resource ideas and skills to be taught. The Places to Play Every Day Audit enables settings to audit their Early Years environment to secure high quality provision for learning.

Places to Play for 2-year-olds is a two-part publication which follows the success from the award-winning Places to Play Every Day for 3-5 year olds. Places to Play for 2 year olds is now available to order.

To buy Places to Play please visit the Herts for Learning online shop


Early Years Outcomes Toolkit

The Early Years Outcomes Toolkit has been developed by Herts for Learning and has been designed specifically for Early Years PVI settings to help support children’s development.  The toolkit, similar to the SIMS based toolkit used in schools, enables practitioners, leaders and managers to track and analyse the progress of individuals and groups of children in the Early Years Foundation Stage as well as demonstrate progress across prime and specific areas of learning.

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PA Plus Web Subscription Package

The Herts for Learning Early Years team have created new Pa Plus resources and materials to support Early Years which take the form of blank planning proformas, assessment and data analysis tools and self-evaluation audits. They  provide support for assessment and planning. They have been designed by Herts for Learning for use by all early years practitioners. The resources are available online through a subscription.

More information on on the PA Plus Web Subscription Package can be found on the Herts for Learning website at:




Links & Downloads

EY Settling in Proforma with Prompts

This proforma enables practitioners to evidence how a child has settled into their new setting.

EYFS ‘Attainment on Entry and Exit’ Data Collections

These Data Collections are designed so that the Local Authority can produce data analysis, allowing schools to benchmark their children’s attainment on entry (and in the case of Nursery schools, on their exit), in the context of other Hertfordshire schools.

Evaluating Achievement in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Guidance produced jointly by the Herts for Learning Assessment and Early Years teams, updated - January 2015

Hertfordshire Progress Toolkit

ICT services have been working with the Early Years Advisors to create a new toolkit within Assessment Manager 7 in Sims, facilitating schools in the tracking of pupil progress across the ‘Ages and Stages’ development statements in the EYFS.


Some parents ask about the admission and support to pre schools and early years settings of children who have varying degrees of incontinence. These leaflets help to clarify the situation for parents and carers, providers and schools.

Continence Guidance for Early Years Settings
Supporting Children in Nappies


ERIC (Education & Resources for Improving Childhood Continence), which provides support and information to children, teenagers, parents and health professionals on bedwetting, daytime wetting, soiling and constipation.

Computing Scheme of Work

Computing Scheme of Work includes guidance for ICT within the EYFS and 0verview of key elements (updated and extended).

Herts for Learning -  Early Years Outcome Sheets  

EY Outcomes  Sheet: Birth – 11 months

EY Outcomes  Sheet: 8 - 20 months

EY Outcomes  Sheet: 16 - 26 months

EY Outcomes  Sheet: 22 - 36 months

EY Outcomes  Sheet: 30 - 50 months

EY Outcomes  Sheet: 40 - 60+ months


    EY Outcomes Sheet – Early Learning Goals

Every Child a Talker (ECAT)




Resources Available for Purchase

The following resources are available from Action Point:

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Early Years Participation Leaflets

Quantity and Price

listening to young children

Listening to young children is an integral part of understanding what they are feeling and what they need from their early years experience.If young children feel that their views are listened to and taken seriously by adults it can have a positive effect on their confidence and social skills.


This A5 4 page leaflet is an introduction to early years participation.

20 = £10.00
50 = £20.00

100 = £35.00

creating a listening environemnt

Creating a Listening Environment
The environment plays a key role in supporting and extending children’s development and learning. Children have a right to be heard and we have a responsibility to provide an environment that promotes listening.


This A4 6 page leaflet will help you to develop an effective listening environment.

20 = £17.50
50 = £40.00

100 =£75.00

listening to babies cover

Listening To Babies
Listening to babies acknowledges their right to be heard from pre birth and throughout their lives. It builds up positive relationships between adults and babies.


This A4 4 page leaflet will help you to think about the many ways babies communicate with adults non verbally.

20 = £15.00
50 = £32.50

100 = £55.00

parents participation

Including Parents in Participation
Parents are the primary educator in their child’s life and so it is our role to support, and guide parents, to help them understand the importance of ‘listening’ in the home environment and also to share their knowledge with us.


This A4 4 page leaflet gives ideas to practitioners about how to involve parent’s in participation.

20 = £15.00
50 = £32.50

100 = £55.00

integrated practice

Listening to children through the Integrated Practice
It is important that we ask children their views on matters that affect them, this is also the case when completing a Common Assessment Form with a family.


This A4 6 page leaflet helps practitioners to think about how early years children can share their views and feelings during the integrated practice process.

20 = £17.50
50 = £ 40.00

100 = £75.00