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Hertfordshire Early Years Funding Consultation

In line with DfE requirements this document sets out Hertfordshire’s plan to implement the changes required to establish the EYNFF from April 2017.

Link to consultation survey is below:

Hertfordshire Early Years Funding Consultation 2017-18

Early Years Pupil Premium

From April 2015, schools, pre-schools, nurseries, and childminders will be able to claim extra funding through the early years pupil premium (EYPP) to support children’s development and learning. The early years pupil premium can provide an extra £302 a year for three and four year old children who have been in care or adopted from care or whose parents are in receipt of certain benefits. For more information visit the Pupil Premium page:

Case studies with examples of good practice on how to use the funding.

EYPP guidance from DfE for providers and local authorities.

Early Years Toolkit from the Education Endowment Foundation.

Nursery Admissions

Information for schools about early education choices and admissions can be found at:

Please note this information is only accessible from within Hertfordshire Schools connected to the Hertfordshire Internet and Connectivity Service.

NSPCC - Emotional Neglect and Emotional Abuse in Pre-school Children

The NSPCC’s own research has shown that one in 10 children are experiencing severe neglect in childhood. They have conducted the first comprehensive systematic review of scientific evidence relating to the recognition of emotional neglect or emotional abuse of pre-school children to assist in recognising these children at a young age, and provide appropriate interventions to minimise the damage done.

Although children may experience child abuse or neglect at all ages, this piece of work focuses on the youngest infants and children, aged 0-6 years, as many practitioners lack confidence in identifying emotional neglect or abuse at this age.

 Aa a result, the NSPCC has produced a leaflet, which summarises what is currently known about children aged less than 6 years who have been emotionally neglected or emotionally abused. It considers the behaviour that can be observed in these children and in the interactions between them and their parents.

The leaflet aims to assist all professionals who work with babies and young children, including health visitors, general practitioners, paediatricians, nursery nurses, pre-school workers & reception teachers, social workers and infant & child psychiatrists.

The leaflet can be downloaded here:



HSCB Safe Blinds Campaign

Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Board has a campaign to raise the awareness of the risk of looped cords on blinds following the tragic death of two children strangled by blind cords.  This campaign is supported by RoSPA and HM Coroner.  The most vulnerable age group is the 16 to 36 months.

Parents of the two children who died from strangling themselves are supporting the campaign, and calling for parents and carers to be more aware of the dangers. “Blind cords kill children. We lost our daughter twice” said the parents of Emily, who, after her tragic accident in August was resuscitated, suffered significant brain damage but later died in December.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) reports that there have been 18 deaths similar to these in the UK, since 1999.

Children’s Services practitioners are encouraged to obtain more information and advice on keeping children safe from blind cord dangers and to share this information with parents and carers. A free ‘’Make it Safe’ pack is available from ROSPA.

For more information on the campaign, call Dee de Bruin in Hertfordshire County Council, Corporate Communications email: or the Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Board:

Whilst this campaign is targeted externally it is important that the risk is understood by services within HCC and appropriate measures put in place and a risk assessment can be found below:

Window Blind Cord and Chain Risk Assessment