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Useful Links and Resources

Useful links and resources in for Early Years inclusive practice:

Early Years Training

Book online at:


Some parents ask about the admission and support to pre schools and early years settings of children who have varying degrees of incontinence. These leaflets help to clarify the situation for parents and carers, providers and schools.

Continence Guidance for Early Years Settings
Supporting Children in Nappies

ERIC (Education & Resources for Improving Childhood Continence), which provides support and information to children, teenagers, parents and health professionals on bedwetting, daytime wetting, soiling and constipation.

Managing Medicines in Schools and Early Years Settings (2005)

Updated in November 2007. Still available to download free from:

Bookstart - Inclusive Books for Early Years
ABCC Chart - Behaviour Problem Solving
Information on the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning/Herts Direct: