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Early Years and the Common Assessment Framework (CAF)

Early Support

Early Support and the CAF are both integrated practice tools. Early Support is particularly designed for the support of disabled children and their families.

We will be identifying an Early Support contact person for each district so that Early Support Children’s Centres (ES CC) can link with them and so that multi-agency practitioners can ask for help with Early support. Susan Tanton, Early Years Adviser will also be organising training for each district. She will keep ES CC’s updated with Early Support information so they can inform other Children’s Centre Managers in their district as well as other interested parties. The intention is that they will also have a standing agenda item at district meetings so we can keep Early Support alive in the coming months.

These contact details are in the process of being updated (July 2016)

Early Support Children's Centres

Stevenage Broadwater CC S6 
Contact: Sharon Bell  01438 230444
Early Support Champion: Ruth Bradford HV

North Herts
Barleyfields NH10 
Contact: Sue Smith  01438 821651
Early Support Champion: Pat Dodson SAS

Orchard D1 
Contact: Andrea Kelly  01442 426922
Early Support Champion: Michelle Sidwell EP

St Albans
Harpenden CC SA3 
Contact: Pat Everett  01582 714211
Early Support Champion: Judith Pace EYEP

Broxbourne Allsorts  B5
Contact: Sue Potter  01992 633761
Early Support Champion: Angela Phipps AT / Janet Palmer EYEP

East Herts
Churchfields CC EH10
Contact: Jenny Turner  01992 583244
Early Support Champion: Cherry Carroll AT

Wel/Hat De Havilland CC WH8
Contact: Sarah Bowyer  01707 346624
Early Support Champion: Jackie Osbourne SAS

Contact: Karen Rudman  0208 386 4038
Early Support Champion: Julie Carroll Area SENCo

Berrygrove CC W2
Contact: Vicki Attarzadeh  01923 484312
Early Support Champion: Julie Humphrey Area SENCo

Three Rivers
Rickmansworth CC 3R3
Contact: Debbie Keeley  01923 772094
Early Support Champion: Debbie Watson AT

The proposed functions of a district early support children's centre are:

  • Link with a named district champion and will champion Early Support
  • Hold information about Early Support and will hold latest updates to feed through to other children centres in the district
  • Support the promotion of Early Support training in the district to multi-agency partners
  • Support the promotion of Early Support to parents/carers


Information on Early Support can also be found on the Herts Direct website at:

Introduction to Early Support Powerpoint
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