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Writing Schemes of Work

Year 7


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Narrative Writing:
Telling Tales

Created in Partnership with Francis Combe

Medium Term Plan - 6 weeks

  • This scheme of work aims to improve students’ writing skills, with a focus on developing narratives. They will focus on narrative hooks and structure as well as creating characters and setting. Finally, the scheme requires students to write their own narrative text.

  • It is designed to make students enthusiastic about reading and introduces them to a range of fiction and media texts as stimulus.

  • The medium term planning format allows teachers the freedom to choose resources and plan individual lessons, including starter activities.  However, in order to ensure equality of provision and progression for all pupils, teachers will adhere to the stated objectives and outcomes for each week.

Accuracy bookmark

Character Gollum

Character Mrs Prachett

Character The Hobbit

Checking for Accuracy

How to be a good story writer

Human Speech Marks

Attic Image

Castle Image

Castle Image 2

Forest Image

Lake Image

Lake Image 2


Page Turners

Reading List

Rules of Direct Speech

Settings - Harry Potter

Story Endings - teacher sheet

Story Opening - Haroun and the Sea of Stories

The Long and the Short of it

The Princess

Year 9


Teaching Activity

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Varieties of Writing:
The Magazine Challenge

Thanks to Francis Combe

Medium Term Plan - 6 weeks

  • This scheme is designed to make Year 9 students enthusiastic about English and draws on a wide range of stimulus material in order to engage pupils’ interest and motivation.

  • The scheme is intended to prepare pupils for some of the writing demands of the SATs examination.  It provides the opportunity to revise and analyse the range of text types.  Students are required to apply techniques identified in their own 'varieties of writing' challenge.

  • There are a number of opportunities for group and pair work.  Students are encouraged to work independently of the teacher whenever possible.