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image from D DayBritish Pathe

We no longer hold a Licence for schools to download videos from the British Pathe website. If you want to download a video clip you will need to purchase a copy first. You can also contact E2BN to discuss access to Pathe resources through one of their subscription packages.

What is it The British Pathe?

Experience 75 years of history through 3,500 hours of digitised newsreel and documentary film at:

  • A complete Archive: Pathe provides you with a complete archive and the experience of using an archive – newsreels galore; documentaries; compilations; out-takes; additional and reformed materials – it’s the whole asset - lock, stock and smoking film can.
  • A fully digitised national resource: the whole archive is digitised; over 80,000 items; 3,500 hours of film and 12 million stills in two file types WMV and QT.
  • Providing international, national and regional coverage: 1890s through to 1970 - local, regional, national and international coverage of events and issues – from death of Victoria to the birth of space travel. From global conflict to local flower show. From the summit of Everest to the foothills of the Andes. From international summit meetings to "summit’s up in our town". From dogs in outer space to cats in the Isle of Dogs.
  • Offers creative and effective use: pupils and teachers can use digital tools to edit and re-purpose the resources for teaching and learning.
  • It is broadband enhanced: available to schools over the secure broadband connections of the National Education Network doing away with the need for passwords, avoiding the vagaries of the WWW and increasing Internet safety for children, and opening up the opportunities for collaboration and the use of the best in ICT.
  • Provides curriculum support: curriculum materials are shared and there is an open policy to linkage with other online archive materials/organisations.