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Primary Traveller Network Meetings 2015 - 2016

If you are a school with Traveller pupil/s on roll you are invited to attend the Termly network meetings led by Kate Stockdale, Adviser for teaching & learning, HfL. Meetings will be held at Apsley and HDC Stevenage.

Comments from staff attending the network meetings last year:

'Simply invaluable form of support, advice and ideas. It is critical schools are not struggling in a vacuum of information. Being informed is part of this process and paves the way for provision moving forwards….'

‘Incredibly useful to share experiences and gain greater understanding.’

‘I am new to post….the exchange of information was very useful; it made me consider aspects of the Traveller communities that I would not have considered.’

The network meetings will provide a forum to :

  1. Share ideas and information to help support Traveller pupils in school
  2. Address issues around inclusion
  3. Discuss local & national initiatives to raise attainment of GRT pupils
  4. Look at latest research and DFE guidance regarding Traveller education
  5. Review practice in our schools. Gather examples of good practice
  6. Share resources that reflect Traveller cultures in a positive way
  7. Look at how cultural diversity can be included in the New Curriculum
  8. Share any worries or concerns

Meetings will be held from 4.00 – 5.30, refreshments will be available. There will be no charge to attend the network meetings



Apsley   4.00- 5.30


HDC Stevenage  4.00- 5.30


Autumn Term

30th September 2015

7 & 8

1st October 2015

FH 2.12

Spring Term

9th February 2016

7 & 8

11th February 2016

FH 2.12

Summer Term

25th May 2016


26th May 2016

FH 2.03


If you wish to attend either meeting please contact Rheya Keable,  
Tel: 01438 843299