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Policies & Guidance

The Equality Act 2010, strengthened previous legislation in important ways to help tackle discrimination; and provides a legislative framework to protect the rights of individuals and advance equality of opportunity for all. This Equalities Update 2015 aims to provide you with an overview of the Equality Act 2010, and convey as accurately as possible the official advice and guidance published by the Department for Education (DfE), the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the Government Equalities Office (GEO).

It contains information about

  • The Equality Act 2010 - an overview
  • Protected Characteristics
  • The General Duty
  • Specific duties
  • Ofsted 2012
  • Useful actions to take
Hertfordshire Equality Update for Schools Spring 2015

Equality and Human Rights Commission: Public Sector Equality Duty: Technical Guidance for Schools in England

Published in November 2012 this is a practical guide that illustrates how the Equality Duty can help schools to raise attainment, tackle bullying and improve behaviour. The guide features a series of short practical case studies and FAQs to help make it more hassle-free for schools to meet their Equality Duty. Download from:



With regard to Equalities Act 2010, schools are required to undertake an assessment of their sites for accessibility.


Equalities Update for Hertfordshire Schools

Hertfordshire Equality Update for Schools Spring 2009


Equality and Diversity - A Service Delivery Toolkit for Schools

This Toolkit has been commissioned by Hertfordshire CSF as part of its commitment to equality and diversity. The purpose of the Toolkit is to provide schools with the information and tools they need to prepare their equality scheme(s) and implement their action plans effectively.

Equality and Diversity Toolkit

This form is provided to assist schools in developing either a single equalities policy or individual equality policies within their statutory duties for disability, gender and race. The form can be adapted to suit your own school's context and needs.

Equality and Diversity - School Equality Scheme Form


Preventing and Dealing with Racist Incidents



Managing a Diverse Workforce - A Toolkit for Schools 2007

This toolkit is aimed at helping governors and school managers create and manage a diverse workforce and to ensure that equality and diversity are integral to all aspects of the school's employment practice. It is designed as toolkit to dip in and out of as issues arise.