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Young people launch video to combat hate crime in Hertfordshire

Young people working with YC Hertfordshire, part of Hertfordshire County Council, have launched a video to encourage the reporting of hate crime

The video was created by young people from the Who Not What group of LGBTQ young people, supported by YC Hertfordshire. It depicts a young person who is targeted because of their sexuality and, subsequently, is supported by a Hate Crime Officer to report the crime.

Daisy, a member of Who Not What said: “We made the hate crime film because it is an important issue and the actual process of reporting hate incidents is rarely addressed or talked about so it was great to be able to make something creative for an important issue.“

The video can be accessed here:

and there is opportunity to give your feedback after watching the film via survey monkey:

Stonewall Education Index: winners 2016

Stonewall, Britain’s lesbian, gay, bi and trans equality charity, in 2016 named Herts for Learning and Hertfordshire County Council as the best local authority in Britain for tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and celebrating difference in its schools. Read more on the Herts for Learning website:

Don’t miss reading Nicky Morgan’s October 2016 speech on the importance of LGBT equality.


Teachers: Schools should adopt positive view of homosexuality 2015

This article shows the growing imperative to address LGBT equality across all schools, for both staff and pupils.



Useful Additional Material

February LGBT History Month 2018

The theme this year is Geography: Mapping Our World. The Proud Trust has produce KS3 and KS4 resources to help secondary schools deliver lessons as part of the February LGBT History Month 2018. Primary schools may also get ideas by looking at the resources.

LGBT History Month 2018


Stonewall resources - Are you a boy or a girl?

Stonewall have released a lesson plan based on the book ‘Are you a boy or are you a girl? By Sarah Savage and Fox Fisher.

are you a Boy or Girl

ISBN: 9780993192500
Publisher: TQUAL Books

Stonewall primary lesson plan

For secondary schools they have created an assembly which schools can use as is or adapt.

Stonewall secondary assembly

Network Autism website - Supporting trans and gender questioning autistic pupils

We were disappointed that our planned training bringing Joe Butler to Hertfordshire was cancelled due to low numbers. So we are delighted to be able to provide our partner schools with access to Joe’s article ‘Supporting trans and gender questioning autistic pupils’. It is incredibly useful.


Stepping Out

Stepping out'Stepping Out’  is a 28-page booklet for people who are lesbian, gay or bisexual or think they might be; offering information and advice on ‘coming out’ - have a quick look inside:

Alongside this we also publish the ever popular leaflet 'Am I Bothered?' A leaflet for young people on raising the issue of homophobia and its impact on the lives of young lesbian, gay and bisexual people:

If you have any questions, or would like to request a sample copy, email: or you can order online!


Good Practice Case Studies

Gender Equality - Oakwood Primary School
Trans Inclusion Development at The Priory School
Supporting Young Transgender Pupils at Primary School
Martins Wood Primary School logoBrandles School: Anti-homophobia work in a special school

Brandles School has been part of the Stonewall School Champions programme for several years. During this time we have celebrated LGBT History Month, IDAHO Day and have consistently addressed LGBT issues that may occur during
any school day. Our aims are to make pupils aware of the meaning of homophobia and to establish an atmosphere where
the school becomes effective in reducing prejudice and raising self-esteem and to provide an environment where homophobic assumptions, attitudes and behaviours are always challenged. We are so aware that attitudes formed in childhood have a tendency to shape the way people think throughout their lives. 

We also hope, particularly with our entrance displays that the impact of our action goes beyond the school gates, as visitors to the school will recognise that we are an inclusive and LGBT friendly school.

Martinswood: Anti-homophobia (Primary)

With Ofsted so focused on prevention of bullying, including schools' anti-homophobia work, this case study from Martins Wood Primary School may help show how it could be further developed in your school. 

Ofsted Good Practice Resources

In February 2012 Ofsted published the following good practice case study for tackling homophobia (secondary)

Yet another good practice case study from Ofsted on anti-homophobia and ensuring the safety of LGBT students

Nascot Wood Junior School Resources

In 2012/13 Nascot Wood Junior school has been preparing their staff to tackle homophobia effectively.  They have agreed to share their resources.  See how these might be of assistance to you.