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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

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BME Achievement Consultancy, Training and Support:

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We are available to support schools in promoting BME achievement and engaging with pupils, parents and community.

Effective EAL support and a clear understanding of the issues involved with language acquisition for newly arrived pupils, beginners and more advanced learners is key to ensure that all pupils achieve to their potential. We can offer training and consultancy for the support and development of beginner and more advanced bilingual learners

  • Central and localised training including clusters and networks
  • Tailored, school-based training for teachers, support staff and parents
  • Individual teacher advice, support and modelling
  • Consultancy, INSET and staff meetings
  • Briefings for leadership teams and governors

Support packages enable primary and secondary school staff to fully understand and plan for the language development needs of pupils learning EAL. These include:

  • Guidance on meeting the needs of newly arrived EAL pupils
  • Raising the achievement of more advanced EAL learners
  • primary school children Audit of the school environment and recommendations
  • Developing a culturally inclusive learning environment and curriculum
  • EAL pedagogy and planning for language development in whole class contexts
  • Developing the role of the EAL/EMA Coordinator
  • Strategies to develop language for learning
  • Developing the writing skills of EAL learners
  • Packages of support such as Talking Partners

In partnership with INTRAN we can facilitate first language assessment.

For further information or to book a meeting please contact either:

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