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Making Contexts Supportive for Children Learning EAL

“EAL learners have to learn a new language while learning through the medium of that new language. To ensure they reach their potential, learning and teaching approaches must be deployed that ensure both access to the curriculum at a cognitively appropriate level and maximum language development.”

Excellence and Enjoyment: learning and teaching for bilingual pupils in the primary years

A copy of these professional development materials can be found by following this link to the National Archives:


Other current guidance and resources, including case studies and useful publications regarding the Department for Education's strategy for supporting pupils with English as an additional language (EAL):


An overview of the elements that contribute to making the learning contexts supportive for children learning EAL can be seen in the document below:

Creating an Effective Learning Environment
5 Basic Reading Strategies for EAL Pupils


Assessing Pupils Learning English as an Additional Language

A Language in Common' QCA 2000 and 'Marking Progress

These two resources should be used to assess the speaking, listening, reading and writing of EAL learners who are pre-National Curriculum Level 1. The documents are supported by the Government for use with EAL learners and can be found using the link below:

For support in analysing strengths and areas of difficulty in writing for more advanced EAL learners, the following documents are helpful.

The notes based on Lynne Cameron’s findings refer to her research document, ‘Writing in English as an Additional Language’ DfES (2004) Ref RR586. The full report is available to view via the DfE website.

Assessing the writing of more advanced bilingual pupils

EAL Literacy Analysis

Writing Analysis Assessment Grid

Lynne Cameron Research - Areas to Focus on to Develop EAL Learners' Writing

Opportunities for Sentence Level Language Development for Children Learning EAL


Audit Tools

For looking closely at the provision for BME/EAL pupils in lesson planning the following forms are helpful.

Pupil Observation Form
Scrutiny of Evidence in Guided Writing
Scrutiny of Evidence in Planning with Reference to BME (inc EAL)