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Admission & Induction Arrangements

A whole school approach to the admission, induction and planning for pupils from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds (BME), including those who are learning English as an additional language (EAL) should start with a parent/carer meeting to gather information about the pupil’s family and educational history.

It is very important that schools have detailed information about these pupils to ensure that they can plan a curriculum to meet their language and cultural needs, and also to include their parents in their education. The parent/carer interview is an essential part of the induction process for EAL pupils and should form the basis of a continuous assessment process.

Background Information Pack

Admissions Guidance for Pupils New to English

New Arrival Guidance Pack

Guidance for the Induction and Support of Newly Arrived Pupils

Useful Websites

Online admissions tool making it easier to access for parents/carers who have limited understanding of spoken and written English and where no interpreter is present. It allows access in 13 languages plus English. It is provided by the South East Grid for Learning:

A alternative online admissions tool for Polish is available: