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Gifted & Talented

Below you will find some websites that have been particularly useful. They are not specific to children who have English as an additional language but are good to extend high flyers in maths and literacy.

More information and useful weblinks are available in the main Gifted & Talented section on the Grid.


A checklist of qualities which gifted and talented pupils might be expected to exhibit:

  • Think quickly and accurately;
  • Work systematically;
  • Generate creative working solutions;
  • Work flexibly, processing unfamiliar information and applying knowledge, experience and insight to unfamiliar situations;
  • Communicate their thoughts and ideas well;
  • Be determined, diligent and interested in uncovering patterns;
  • Achieve, or show potential, in a wide range of contexts
  • Be particularly creative;
  • Show great sensitivity or empathy;
  • Demonstrate particular physical dexterity or skill;
  • Make sound judgements;
  • Be outstanding leaders or team members;
  • Be fascinated by, or passionate about, a particular subject or aspect of the curriculum;
  • Demonstrate high levels of attainment across a range of subjects within a particular subject or aspects of work.