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KS2 Statutory Moderation

Statutory Moderation of KS2 Writing Teacher Assessment 2019

Schools that are due to receive a Key Stage 2 writing moderation visit this year will be notified on Friday 17th May by email. Moderation visits will take place between June 3rd and June 21st. Teacher assessments must be submitted on NCA Tools by June 27th.

Documents for schools receiving a moderation visit

Please download and read these documents in preparation for the external moderation visit:

The following supporting documents may also be of use:

National assessment documents produced by the Standards & Testing Agency


KS2 Assessing and reporting arrangements

KS2 TA guidance

KS2 TA frameworks

Pre-KS2 standards

KS2 writing exemplification

KS2 TA data collection


Assessment team blogs
Write away! And other lessons derived from the 2018 KS2 writing moderations

10 Key updates

A very particular weakness

Declaration of Independence


Any queries regarding KS2 writing Moderation, please contact:

Clare Hodgson
KS2 Writing Moderation Manager
Herts for Learning