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KS2 Moderation Clusters - Archive 2014

Autumn 2014 Clusters




Year 4/5

With thanks to St John’s C of E primary school, Digswell

The Tormentor Tangram
Pythagoras Tangram
Chie No Ita Tangram

Year 3/4

Letter to Headteachers


Dates and Venues
Guidance for Teachers
Writing Task Character Description
Resource 1: Characterisation
Resource 2: Spotlight Level 2 and 3 Characters
Resource 3: Characterisation to use
Resource 4: Support Suggest and Review and Challenge
Maths Assessment Task Y 3 - 4
Tangram Outlines
Maths Assessment Task Extension Tangrams
Examples of Children’s Work used for Moderation

Example of characters

Writing example 1

Writing example 2

Writing example 3


Spring 2014 Clusters




Year 4/5

This year the focus of these clusters will be the assessment of Reading and Writing.

To get the maximum benefit from the cluster, it is important that you bring to the session some appropriate evidence of children’s attainment.

Please select 2 children, for each of reading and writing, whose levels of attainment will be discussed at the moderation cluster.  You can choose the same 2 children for both subject areas, or different children, as you wish.  Please choose pupils working at different levels. You may wish to select pupils that you find particularly interesting or difficult to assess.

Cluster List: February & March 2014
Guidance for Teachers

Year 6/7

Letter to Headteachers - Primary
Letter to Headteachers - Secondary
Cluster List
Guidance for Teachers
KS2 Writing Levels Criteria
Examples of Children’s Work used for Moderation

Collection A

Collection B



Paper 5 Recount Extended Test

Story Opening Unsupported English Lesson