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14-19 Assessment Resources

In order to establish baselines and determine Value Added for students following IB qualifications, CEM offer a BASIS (Baseline for International Schools) service which provides information and forms of appropriate assessment:

Value Added Lines for A2 and AS levels

Blank value added lines for a wide range of subjects, sourced from the Learner Achievement Tracker, can be downloaded here. Schools may like to use these as a tool for subject department leaders to carry out analysis of pupil results, by manually plotting results on the graphs. These lines are based on the national 2007 results.

Later in the term, schools will be able to access these graphs with the pupil results plotted on them, via the LAT.

New attainment tables for KS4 in schools only

Learner Achievement Tracker

The Learner Achievement Tracker (LAT) is produced by the Learning & Skills Council (LSC) and provides reports on post-16 performance, eg. A-level, AS-level etc.