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Integrated Services for LearningTraveller & Refugee Team

We provide support in enabling families to have unhindered access to education , and promotes the attainment and achievement of young people, aged 0-19 yrs (25yrs with LDD).

We Offer:

  • Specialist knowledge and experience of working with traveller, Fairground, Circus and Refugee families in Hertfordshire
  • A dedicated team which provides access to these vulnerable and hard to reach communities, and an in depth understanding of the barriers that they face
  • Access to Education Officers provide support for families, schools and other agencies in order to achieve positive educational outcomes for children and young people.
  • YC Hertfordshire PAs provide support to ensure that the needs of traveller and refugee young people are met so that they are able and motivated to engage in education , employment and training
  • Success in making a positive impact on attainment and attendance of these children and young people 0-19 yrs (25yrs with LDD)
  • Support to schools, services and other professionals in the development of effective, self sustaining links with families and communities

Contacts for your Traveller & Refugee Team and support is available here:

Traveller and Refugee Flyer


Access to support and advice about individual children from any of our teams in ISL is through a Single Service Request form which is located here