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Hertfordshire Steps is the local authority’s preferred approach to supporting positive behaviour management in schools and settings. The Steps approach forms part of the authority’s behaviour strategy. It has been agreed through the SEND Executive and forms part of Hertfordshire’s Local Offer.

What is Hertfordshire Steps?

Hertfordshire Steps is a therapeutic approach to positive behaviour management and is already well established in many of our education settings and services. The Steps approach is based on the following principles:

  • Shared focus on inclusion of all children and young people within their educational settings
  • A shared set of values and beliefs
  • Open and shared communication
  • A shared commitment to diversion and de-escalation
  • Shared risk management
  • Shared reparation, reflection and restoration

Hertfordshire Steps training covers two distinct developmental areas

'Step On' – Step On is training in de-escalation. It emphasises the importance of consistency and teaching internal, rather than imposing external, discipline. It focuses on care and control, not punishment. It uses techniques to de-escalate a situation before a crisis occurs and, where a crisis does occur, it adopts techniques to reduce the risk of harm.

‘Step Up' – Step Up is training in Restrictive Physical Intervention (RPI). It combines elements of RPI and personal safety. Step Up training can only be provided within services where staff have already completed Step On training and are still within their period of certification. Step Up training is only delivered where there is an audited need with an individual child or young person.

Herts Steps Leaflet


Specialist Tutors 5 day tutor training

This training will enable you to become a specialist Steps Tutor certificated to provide Step On & Step Up training and consultancy within your own setting. This course is aimed at staff from special schools and specialist services.

Mainstream Tutors 3 day tutor training

This training will enable you to become a mainstream Steps Tutor certificated to provide Step On training and consultancy within your own setting. This course is aimed at staff from mainstream schools and services.

Additional information

The Steps Tutor courses are able to provide the Hertfordshire Steps product to staff who already have a therapeutic attitude to children, an ability to present and an aptitude to efficiently acquire the Hertfordshire Steps skill set.

Hertfordshire Steps tutors are certified to be a resource for the setting in which they work and are not certified to provide training or consultancy on a voluntary or paid basis outside of their own school or setting.

Tutors may assist with training across a broader collection of services such as an academy chain, federation or cluster but training must be led by tutors from that setting.

Important points to note:

Step On training can be delivered by 1 tutor to a maximum of 12 delegates per session; groups of
between 12 and 24 delegates will require 2 service tutors.
All Step Up training requires 2 specialist tutors.

Training Dates

Please contact steps at to enquire about future training dates


Course enquiries via

Training Material

Training material page is password protected

Hertfordshire Behaviour Strategy

The behaviour strategy identifies how the local authority, schools, and other stakeholders promote positive behaviour and offer support to children who as a result of behaviour difficulties find it difficult to engage positively in learning.

Hertfordshire Behaviour Strategy

Model policy for restrictive physical intervention in schools (May 2017)

Hertfordshire schools and educational establishments are encouraged to use this framework, and to adapt it to their own situation.

It is advised that all schools should be familiar with the Hertfordshire model policy on the use of Restrictive Physical Intervention .

The policy is best placed within a school’s or setting’s Behaviour Policy. It will be part of a graduated response, and needs to be agreed in consultation with staff, governors parents/carers, and pupils. It also connects to, and should be consistent with, policies on Health and Safety, Child Protection and Safeguarding, Equal Opportunities, and Pastoral Care.

Model policy for restrictive physical intervention in schools

Contact Details

Adam Hayes – Hertfordshire Steps County Lead
Tel: 01707 281587

Vanessa Bradford - Support Officer Tel: 01707 292330