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Integrated Services for LearningEarly Years SEND Team

We provide specialist support, advice and training to promote early intervention and inclusive practice for children aged 0-5 with special educational needs and/or disability. Our team is made up of early years specialists who support individual children and also provide systemic support to early years settings.

  • We work with children with a range of developmental difficulties, including those with very complex needs
  • We work with children at home as well as in settings, carrying out observations, assessments and modelling good practice
  • Our work follows a multi-professional approach with families at the centre
  • We work closely with professionals in schools and other services to support children's transition into school.


Contacts for your Area Early Years SEND Team and support is available here:


Access to support and advice about individual children from any of our teams in ISL is through a Single Service Request form which is located here.