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Families First Early Help Module (EHM) System

Families First is changing the way services provide early help to families in Hertfordshire, bringing together organisations who provide early help support to families under one 'umbrella' of consistent practice and clearer processes.

A key element of this change is the transition from the Family eCAF system to Families First Early Help Module (EHM), a multi-agency system, which will replace Family eCAF system as the Early Help System for case management. Families First Early Help Module (EHM) system will go live on Monday 07 November 2016. All EHM trained practitioners will be able to register and use the EHM system to support families from Monday 07 November 2016.

Existing open assessments on eCAF will continue to be managed on eCAF system until a case is closed. Please note all new Families First Assessment will need to be started on EHM. Please note that no new assessments will be started on eCAF system as of Monday 07 November 2016.

Please note your local Senior Families First Coordinators and Families First Coordinators will continue to provide advice, guidance and practice support across both eCAF system and the new Early Help Module (EHM) system.

Early Help Module (EHM) System

Please note you will only be given log in details once you have completed the EHM training and registered as a New User.

EHM is the online system where information from assessments is stored securely. If you are a practitioner and wish to access EHM, please register by filling in the new user form, which can be found in the Forms, Documents and Guidance section on the website. A guide on how to use EHM can also be found in the same section.

Families First Assessment and Action plan forms can also be accessed on schools SIMS system:



EHM training is available free of charge to all practitioners working with children, young people and their families. Please visit the Families First training page for full course details, training dates, and booking options.


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If you have safeguarding concerns about a child or young person, please contact Customer Services on 0300 123 4043.