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If Headteachers or Governors need any help or guidance about academy status or the conversion process then please contact:

Gary Gant
Planning Officer (Operations)
School Planning
Tel: 01992 556347

If any school would like a talk on academies for their governing body please contact the Governance Team or email

Prospectus of Services for Schools and Academies 2015/16

HCC is proud of the wide diversity of educational provision that is available for our children and young people, and we encourage schools to be autonomous and support those that seek Academy and Free School status.
Hertfordshire now has eleven Free Schools and the following number of academies:

(October 2015)
Primary:           28 (7.0 per cent)
Middle:             3 (75.0 per cent)
Upper:             2 (100.00 per cent)
Secondary 11-18: 51 (71.8 per cent)
All through:      2 (100.00 per cent)
Special:            4 (16.0 per cent)
ESC:                 1 (12.5 per cent)
Total:               91 (17.8 per cent)

academies prospectus coverHCC is committed to working with all schools and Academies to promote high educational standards and break down the barriers to learning. We have a great deal of experience and expertise in helping them achieve these aims

This Prospectus therefore gives details of the wide range of services that HCC can provide to schools and Academies, and sets out a clear pricing structure for each service. The Prospectus is also intended to help schools who are seeking or considering Academy status to understand what services they would need to procure.

Download Prospectus
Information on Herts for Learning's services for academies can be downloaded from:

Academies - Presentation for Schools

Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) has provided this powerpoint presentation to help schools understand the conversion process to Academy status.

Download Presentation

Other Resources

Full Terms and Conditions

This document sets out the general terms and conditions for academies and others when buying services from Hertfordshire County Council.


DfE 8 Nov 2013: Academies and Free Schools Programmes: Assessing Value for Money
A framework for assessing the value for money of academies of all kinds, including free schools.


Academies Commission Report, : ‘Unleashing Greatness: Getting the best from an academised system’ (January 2013)
Christine Gilbert's report including key recommendations on school improvement, academy freedoms, admissions, impact on local provision, school governance and central government.


DfE 19 Dec 2012: Academy Funding - the New Education Services Grant from 2013/14
The (ESG) will be allocated to LAs and academies on a per-pupil basis. This will remove the link between the amount spent on education services by individual LAs and the funding allocations for academies.


DfE 26 June 2012:  Attainment at Key Stage 4 by Pupils in Academies 2011
This report examines the performance of Sponsored Academies in comparison to a group of local authority maintained schools whose characteristics, in terms of deprivation, prior attainment and previous outcomes, are as similar as possible. In addition, it compares the performance of Sponsored Academies that have been open the longest with those that have become academies more recently.
Published 26 June 2012


DfE 28 March 2012: Plan A+: Unleashing the Potential of Academies
Dale Bassett and others for Reform and the Schools Network

This reports the findings of the biggest survey of academies to date - 478 academies responded, nearly one third of the total. The survey sought to investigate the reasons schools are becoming academies, the extent to which they are using academy freedoms to innovate to improve outcomes, and whether giving schools more autonomy is sufficient to drive innovation and improvement. It shows that although many academies are innovating and striving to improve the quality of their education, few are yet using the autonomy they have as academies to radically change their workforce or educational offer.