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This section provides information to assist school staff if they are asked for information / or have concerns about the employment of school aged children in paid or unpaid work ( please see information under "School Aged Employment"); or the licensing of children to take part in TV / theatre / radio or modelling and paid sporting activity ( please see information under "Child Performance Licenses").

The County Council is required by law to ensure that the individual child's interests are safeguarded if they are seeking employment and have not reached the minimum school leaving date - the last Friday in June in the academic year in which they reach the age of 16.      The minimum school leaving date is not affected by the Raising of the Participation Age.

Please contact the Central Attendance & Employment Support Team, Integrated Services for Learning based at County Hall, Hertford if you require further help -  a named contact is given under each section

School Aged Employment


Martin Cooke
School Aged Employment Officer
Tel: 01992 588384

The County Council is required by law to approve the employment of school aged children (aged 13 to Year 11 minimum school leaving date) , where they are working ( whether paid or not) in a profit making activity in Hertfordshire.

Work Permits are not required for children who are babysitting;  undertaking Volunteer work as part of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme; undertaking work experience arranged by your school or working in a non profit making activity.

Further details are available on the HertsDirect website at:

Employing school-aged children

Applying for a Work Permit for a school aged child


Child Performance licences


Anne Scott
Children in Entertainment Officer
Tel: 01992 588605

Details are available on the HertsDirect website at:

Child Performance Licenses -