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Herts County Council logoWhat Information do I Need to Make a Referral?

Where available, the following information should be provided with the referral (but absence of information must not delay referral):

  • Cause for concern including details of any allegations, the source/s of these, timing and location of incident/s
  • Child’s current location and emotional and physical condition
  • Whether the child needs immediate protection
  • Full names, date of birth and gender of child/ren (including all surnames used)
  • Family address (current, when last moved and previous address)
  • Identity of those with parental responsibility
  • Names and date of birth of all household members and any known regular visitors to the household (including all surnames used)
  • Details of child’s extended family or community who are significant for the child
  • Ethnicity, first language and religion of children, parents / carers
  • Any need for an interpreter, signer or other communication aid
  • Any special needs of child/ren and other household members
  • Any significant / important recent or historical events / incidents in child or family’s life, including previous concerns
  • Details of any alleged perpetrators (if relevant)
  • Background information relevant to referral e.g. positive aspects of parents care, previous concerns, pertinent parental issues e.g. mental health, domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse, threats and violence towards professionals
  • Referrer’s relationship and knowledge of child and parents /carers
  • Known current or previous involvement of other agencies /professionals e.g. schools, GPs
  • Information regarding parental knowledge of, and agreement to, the referral
Confirmation of Referral

The professional referrer must confirm verbal and telephone referrals in writing, within forty eight hours, where possible using a multi-agency referral form.  Any CAF that has been undertaken should be attached to the referral. 

Referrals should be addressed to:-

Customer Services,
P.O. Box 153
Herts  SG1 2GH 

Tel : 0300 123 4043
Fax: 01438 737402.

Children’s Social Care must acknowledge referrals in writing within one working day of receipt.  If no acknowledgement is received within three working days, the referrer must contact Children’s Social Care again to establish the current status of the referral. 

Recording by Referrer

The referrer should keep a written record of:

  • Discussions with child
  • Discussions with parent
  • Discussions with managers
  • Information provided to Children’s Social Care
  • Decisions taken (clearly timed, dated and signed)

HSCB Inter-agency Child Protection and Safeguarding Children Procedures Manual 2010 - Section 3.1.1 Referrals