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Hertfordshire Police CSE Reporting Form

Refer using this form should a non-urgent response be required or to submit information about Child Sexual Exploitation. HALO will acknowledge receipt of the referral via e-mail.

This form should be used to refer children and young persons and/or suspects and perpetrators. This form should also be used in cases where no victim is known but a person is exhibiting CSE perpetrator behaviours.

A separate referral must be completed for each child who is vulnerable to, or a victim of, Child Sexual Exploitation.

If there is no immediate risk to life or property but a police response is required as soon as practicable due to the seriousness of the incident and/or potential loss of evidence, dial 101.

If there is an immediate danger to life, risk of injury or crime being committed please dial 999.

Hertfordshire Police CSE Reporting Form

‘Alright Charlie’ Resource Pack

‘Alright Charlie’ aims to highlight the warning signs of grooming in an age appropriate way. The resource includes teachers’ guidance, a children’s workbook and a video seen through the eyes if Charlie who is groomed by Danny.

The resource was designed in consultation with CSE professionals, primary schools teachers and children in years 5 and 6 in primary schools. The resource is accessible to girls AND boys with the viewer never discovering Charlie’s gender.

Alright Charlie? - Guidance for Teachers and Other Professionals
Alright Charlie? - Wookbook
Alright Charlie? - Video

Hertfordshire Child Sex exploitation website

The website offers information and advice to young people, parents and professionals about child sexual exploitation, including how to spot the signs of abuse and what to do if you suspect someone is being exploited.

Latest figures from Hertfordshire Constabulary indicate that on average there are 10 new CSE referrals month, which are investigated by the specialist HALO team. Some of the common signs of child sexual exploitation in young people include:

  • Going missing for periods of time or regularly coming home late.
  • Regularly missing school.
  • Appearing with unexplained gifts or new possessions.
  • Having older boyfriends or girlfriends.
  • Keeping secrets.
  • Mood swings or changes in emotional wellbeing.
  • Strange, unexpected behaviours.

If you suspect a young person is falling victim to child sexual exploitation - you can report it by calling the police on 101, contacting Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 (to make an anonymous report), or contacting Childline on 0800 1111.

NWG Network Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation - Summary of Recommendations Interactive Toolkit

This Summary of Recommendations Interactive Toolkit summarises all recommendations relating to the sexual exploitation of children and young people from a range of reports, inquiries, serious case reviews and research papers and can be viewed at:

Concerning Signs - Helping You Spot Risk

The NWG has worked with Community Care to produce an interactive toolkit: Concerning Signs - Helping You Spot Risk is designed to help you spot the signs of sexual exploitation. This can be viewed at:

Young Persons Advocate for victims of sexual abuse

Hertfordshire now has a Young Persons Advocate for victims of sexual abuse (including rape and sexual exploitation).

The Advocate – Dani Reece works with 13 – 17 year olds, whether or not they want to or have, reported to the police. The aim of the role is to give them on-going advice, support and options so they can make the right decisions for themselves, helping them to engage with other agencies that can assist, and giving them tools to keep themselves safe from future harm.

Young people can self refer and Professionals can refer (with the Young Person’s consent).

For further details please contact:

Dani Reece
07525 253961
01442 270679

Herts Aid - Raising Awareness

In May 2015, Herts Aid are facilitating the production of Chelsea’s Choice in order to raise awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) across Hertfordshire.  HfL are pleased to support this programme and would encourage schools to access this opportunity if at all possible.

In 2014 the production was seen by over 2000 young people in Hertfordshire. Due to the effectiveness of the production, Herts Aid has been funded by Hertfordshire County Council to offer performances of Chelsea’s Choice to young people across the county.

Chelsea's Choice can be delivered in schools with deaf pupils. It is helpful if the staff member who will act as interpreter can see the production beforehand. If they would like sight of the script to aid with their signing this can be arranged.

Adapted versions of the play can also be available to Special Schools if this is deemed appropriate. Again attendance of the production in advance can be arranged to aid discussion and preparation.

The play has been seen by over 150,000 young people & professionals nationwide and has proven highly effective in:

  •  Raising awareness of healthy relationships
  •  Promoting safe internet use
  •  Identifying risky situations
  •  Raising awareness of the grooming process & CSE
  •  Signposting to relevant services

Each session can be performed to up to approximately 200 students & lasts for 1 hour.  This includes a 35 minute play & a 25 minute Q&A session afterwards, exploring the issues raised within the play.

We will be delivering sessions to Years 8, 9 or 10 in schools, according to the perceived need of the school.

Schools can contact our Young Person’s Sexual Health Worker, Reece Goldsmith on 01920-484-784 or on and Angela Chapman on regarding  booking in the shows.



Can you spot the signs of child sexual exploitation?

Feelings of fear and isolation can live with victims of child sexual abuse for a very long time. Hertfordshire professionals are working together to eliminate child sexual exploitation and have just launched a county wide child sexual exploitation (CSE) campaign, HALO.

The ‘Halo’ awareness campaign aims to inform professionals, parents and children about behaviour that is tragically becoming prominent in many parts of the country.

Targeted material about identifying sexual exploitation and how to deal with the impact that it has on the victims and their families will be available.

It is imperative that all professionals understand and recognise the signs, symptoms and vulnerabilities and help spread awareness of these to the children and young people in their care. There are numerous signs to look for which are listed in any of the Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Board CSE leaflets for Professionals; Parents and carers or Children and Young People.

Please support this campaign and obtain copies at:

OR email to request copies for your staff, students or parents/carers

Look out for Lite Bite courses on child sexual exploitation for professionals in the new year.