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Operation Encompass 2nd December – information sharing with schools on domestic abuse

Hertfordshire Police will be launching Operation Encompass on 2nd December 2019, which is intended to significantly improve information sharing and the timeliness of this between Police and schools following incidents of domestic abuse. Designated Safeguarding Leads and Deputies are asked to review the documentation and key principles of Operation Encompass which will provide information about the launch and the police commitment to sharing information to schools to ensure your school is prepared for the launch on 2nd December 2019.

This information is for the attention of DSL’s, Deputy DSL’s and Head Teachers.
Please note the Key Adult Briefing relates to self briefing via the PowerPoint and that no further training will be provided.

The following documents are act as a check list for your own use to ensure that you are prepared:

OE key adult responsibilities:

The following resources are specifically mentioned within the training and are available for your use:

Letter to parents:
 Document to register action taken following Operation Encompass Referral:
National Decision Making Model to assist with decision making:
Statement for Safeguarding Policy:
Posters to be displayed in school:


Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARACs)

A Marac is a meeting where information is shared on the highest risk domestic abuse cases between representatives of local police, probation, health, child protection, housing practitioners, Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (Idvas) and other specialists from the statutory and voluntary sectors. After sharing all relevant information they have about a victim, the representatives discuss options for increasing the safety of the victim and turn these into a co-ordinated action plan.

The primary focus of the Marac is to safeguard the adult victim. The Marac will also make links with other fora to safeguard children and manage the behaviour of the perpetrator. At the heart of a Marac is the working assumption that no single agency or individual can see the complete picture of the life of a victim, but all may have insights that are crucial to their safety. The victim does not attend the meeting but is normally represented by an Idva who speaks on their behalf.

Education Toolkit

UK Says No More

A new toolkit on how to engage and talk with young people about domestic abuse and sexual violence has just been published by the UK SAYS NO MORE campaign:

MARAC Info Sharing Form for Schools

A resource to be used when schools are asked to provide a report as part of the MARAC process.

School Referrals

If you believe that an adult/family may need referring to MARAC you can use the following resources to help you assess if a referral is needed and then to make a referral.

MARAC Referral Form

This needs to be sent securely to It is understood some schools may not use WinZip but similar encryption/secure email software such as Herts SFX. Please use the appropriate software your policy and procedures state.


Karma Nirvana

Karma Nirvana is a UK registered Charity that supports victims and survivors of Forced Marriage and Honour Based Abuse.


The Expect Respect Education Toolkit

Domestic abuse is a widespread social problem and living with domestic abuse is a painful and damaging experience. For the 750,000 children who witness domestic abuse each year, the damaging effects can be long lasting and impact on everyarea of their lives.

Schools are in a key position to raise the issue of domestic abuse in a safe, structured, learning environment.

The Expect Respect Education Toolkit published by Women’s Aid provides a comprehensive resource that enables domestic abuse to be addressed easily and regularly by schools throughout a child or young person’s school life.

Specifically designed to be easy to use and with additional online support, the Education Toolkit supports schools in their work with children and young people, to improve responses to those affected now and to prevent domestic abuse in the future.