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Documents for Download

All the files below can only be downloaded from within a Hertfordshire school in schools only...


Report contents



S1224 - Copying SIMS Reports containing RTF Templates

This document provides our standard advice on user defined reports and info on the most efficient way of being able to import a working version of a report should the worst happen.


Downloading and Importing Report Files


Reporting Quick Guides


Creating a User defined group for use in a report

This is a quick guide on how to do this:


Using the Correspondence box to identify parents not living with students


Adding a filter for Mailing Point to an existing report


Using Report Categories to organise reports


Student List Reporting


QRS - Search for Lesson Report



Offsite Visit Reports

All the files below can only be downloaded from within a Hertfordshire school in schools only...


Documents for download



Offsite Visit Forms

These reports enable you to populate County Standard Forms for Offsite Visits directly from SIMS. In addition, the Financial Reconciliation can be populated and calculated as the formulas are embedded.  The date of March 2015 on the forms is correct as this is when the modifications were made by County.


S1314 - Offside Visit Instructions 2015


Data Collection and Record Sheets

All the files below can only be downloaded from within a Hertfordshire school in schools only...


Documents for download




Data Collection and Record Sheets with Medical Information

Please note: - If it is the practice at your school to send data collection sheets home to the parents, via their children, ensure parents are aware of this and of the details contained within the data collection sheets.

These report files contain Data Collection and Record Sheets with Medical Notes and Medical Conditions. A blank Data Collection sheet is also available for download click here...

Please note the following new data items are required for School Census

  • Country of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Proficiency Level in English for EAL pupils.

These new versions supersede any previous SITSS Data Collection and Record Sheets you may have imported and all include a reference to the Privacy Notice on your school’s website. Please read the document for a full explanation of these reports and the recent update.


These new versions are available from the Student Focus Reporting area. Please remember when running these reports for an individual pupil, if using the Links Panel in Pupil Details to select the Report Link, not Data Collection.


Data Collection and Record Sheets



SITSS Data Collection and Record Sheets - Updated


Applicant Data Collection and Record Sheets




Alternative Data Collection Sheets in the Data Collection Focus

If you have been using the alternative data collection sheets in the data collection focus please refer to document w070 above.

If you have customised your own reports you may need to take into account these new changes and update your report templates.

  • Please refer to Document W070 Data Collection and Record Sheets above for further information.


Misc Class Lists

All the files below can only be downloaded from within a Hertfordshire school in schools only...


Documents for download



SITSS Class Lists

These are class (reg group) lists sorted alphabetically and by DOB, with a blank column, and will appear in the Group Focus (apart from the Excel versions which are found in the Student focus). These new versions use the Preferred Forename if one exists.


Class Lists with Contact Details

This file contains class lists with address and contact information. It contains 3 reports:

  • SITSS - Class + Address + Contact Pr 1 gives details of contacts with priority 1 only.
  • SITSS - Class List + Contact Details lets you specify the contacts' priority
  • SITSS - Whole School Contact List gives contact and address information for the WHOLE school in alphabetical order.

All of these reports will appear in the Group Focus.


Mailing Point Reports

This file contains 3 reports

  • SITSS - Class List by Mailing Point gives you a list by reg group of those pupils who are the mailing point for their family (provided you have set the mailing point for oldest or youngest child), and is found in the Group Focus.
  • SITSS - Mailing Point Check lists any pupils that may have been missed when mailing points were set, and is found in the Student Focus.
  • SITSS - Class and Mailing Point Numbers is a handy report to keep by the photocopier as it lists totals and mailing point numbers for each reg group, and is found in the Group Focus.



SITSS - Weekly Reading Record

This gives class lists with 5 blank columns headed Monday to Friday, which could be used as a tick sheet, and is found in the Group Focus.


Class List with Medical Information

This lists by registration group those children who have either dietary needs or a medical condition or a medical note.


Other Reports

All the files below can only be downloaded from within a Hertfordshire school in schools only...


Documents for download



Parental Consent Tick List

This report will indicate which Parental Consents have been recorded in SIMS against individual pupils/students and can be filtered or reordered using the dropdown options on the column headings. It will automatically update based on the consent types in use in your SIMS, meaning that you can customise this lookup as appropriate for your setting.


Music Data Return

This report is designed to help schools fill in the Annual Data Return questionnaire sent out by Hertfordshire Music Service, which asks for the number of pupils in choirs and ensembles broken down by Ever FSM (this has changed from current FSM) and SEN. After importing into SIMS, run the report for the required years, enter a Y in the last column against the pupils in choirs or ensembles, then look at the Summary sheet for the breakdown of figures and transfer these to Q2 on the return form.


% Cohort Stability Report

This report is based on the calculation found in RAISEonline, except it includes all year groups within your school phase.

All Through Schools – Unless your school has always been ‘All Through’ we would advise you to run this report for Primary and Secondary phases separately, otherwise the calculations will assume all students are expected to have joined your school in Year 1. This option is presented to you when the Excel output first opens at runtime, not in SIMS.



Pupil Premium Report

This report lists all pupils with Pupil Premium currently ticked, as well as those who are Ever FSM (based on FSM over the last 6 years), Looked After, Service, and Current FSM (along with latest FSM start date). It also now shows numbers in each of these categories.

For more information on Pupil Premium, including how to import the file provided by the DfE, please see here



SIMS School Report – SIMS Version 7.160 onwards

SITSS completed a programme of School Report Workshops on 19th and 21st January 2015 on the new SIMS School Report functionality in the Autumn 2014 release. If you were unable to attend one of these sessions, information on the new SIMS School Report functionality, including details of where to find further guidance is in document reference W127.

We have also compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the School Report, which can be downloaded as document reference W128 here. This also contains details of issues to consider when interpreting the School Report data.


HCC – CLA Caring Authority Return

Information can be found here...


Free School Meal Ever Report

Running this report will list All Students on roll on the Spring Census Day who have been entitled to Free School Meals in the last 6 years.



National Child Measurement Programme
This report will populate the official NCMP template with pupil data from SIMS.


Contact Checking Reports

This file contains 6 reports (4 in Student Focus and 2 in Contract Focus) that will help you check a whole series of issues regarding contacts, addresses, parental responsibility and correspondence. Please see the document alongside for a complete explanation of what each report does, and what to do when issues are identified.



Tick Grid Reports

These reports have a similar look to the Students Bulk update screen, in that they are a grid with ticks (hence the name!). You may wish to organise these reports into a Category (see instructions for using Categories under Documents to download above). They are all found in the Student Focus.


Population Analysis reports

Population analysis by year or reg group with totals


Ofsted Report

This has been updated to include more data to analyse.

This is an analysis report which you may find useful for Ofsted. Please read the document below for information on how to use the report.



SITSS - Leavers' Ethnic and Cultural Info Report

This can be used to show ethnic/cultural information for pupils who have left, and is found in the Student Focus.


Photo Reports

This file contains 3 reports:
SITSS – Photos by Reg Group in the Student Focus, which works for Reg groups
SITSS – Photos by Reg Group Dated, found in the Group Focus, which also works for Reg groups but sets all photos at the same size and can be run for alternative dates for next academic year classes.
SITSS – Photos for Class and Teacher, found in the Group Focus, which works for teaching classes and prompts for teacher name as well as class name.


House Lists

This contains 2 reports: SITSS - Class List with Houses and SITSS - House List, both found in the Group Focus.


SITSS - School Roll Book

This report, found in the Student Focus, lists details required by the DCSF for a School Roll Book. It has a filter for Admission Date (not admission number as with the Capita version).


Name Badges

Many schools have requested labels with names or names and reg groups. Choose the file with the correct Avery code for your labels. All of these reports will appear in the Student Focus.


SITSS - Address Analysis

This report, found in the Student Focus, allows you to analyse numbers of pupils in different postcodes, towns or counties. Once in the Analysis window, change the row to Postcode, Town or County as required. To print the results, click the Copy to Excel button to put the information in an Excel spreadsheet.


Mode of Travel Reports

This file contains 4 reports:

SITSS - Modes of Travel Grid and SITSS - Modes of Travel Grid by Reg which are tick grids with Grand Totals, and SITSS - Modes of Travel Numbers which gives a summary of the numbers for each type of travel. These 3 reports are all in the Student Focus.

SITSS - Modes of Travel List gives a list of names for each type of travel and is found in the Group Focus.


Reports for Parents' Evenings

These two reports may help secondary schools with Parent/Teacher consultations evenings.
SITSS - Teacher List for Parents Evening (found in the Student Focus) gives a page per student with a list of subjects and teachers, plus a blank column to enter appointment times.
SITSS - Teachers for a Year Group (found in the Staff Focus) lists all teachers with their classes for a specified year group.


Catholic Education Services Report

This report give a breakdown of numbers of Catholic pupils by year and gender.


Families First, CAF, Service Request & CP Form

All the SIMS Report files below can only be downloaded from the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning from within a Hertfordshire school in schools only...



Report Contents



HCC - Safeguarding Front Sheet

This report should be run from the Pupils Details screen and will be populated with Contacts 1 and 2 and their phone number which is indicated in SIMS as Main. If contacts have the same priority then only the first one will be populated on the form. The data on the form MUST be checked for accuracy and any blank boxes completed.


Families First Registration Form

This report will enable you to generate information held in SIMS to support your Families First Registration submission. This report must be run from the pupil details screen, by accessing Reports in the Links Menu.

Please also download document ref W156, which contains pick lists of relevant reasons and presenting needs for Families First registration, which can be copied and pasted into the Families First Registration from.

Siblings on roll within the school will be included in the Details of Children and Young People in the family section, further rows can be added, to include additional young people in the family.

The following Contacts will be included in the Parents/Carers/Significant Adults within the family section.

All contacts who live with the child.

All contacts with parental responsibility. All contacts listed as parents (with or without responsibility) who live at an alternative address. This will include Mother/Father/Step Mother/Step Father/Foster Mother/Foster Father)

The following details will be provided for each contact.

Name, gender, address, main Tel No, home email, relationship to the child and parental responsibility status.

Further rows can be added to include additional information.

Please delete the following CAF Report from SIMS as this is no longer in use;-

Herts CC CAF Enquiry Form






There have been no changes to the Service Request Form, Child Protection Referral Form and CAF Delivery Plan and Review Forms, since the dates shown below.


Report contents




Please ensure that you always use the latest version of these reports and have read the  updated CAF SR and CP Instructions document opposite prior to downloading these reports.


Child Protection Referral Form
This  report enables you to generate the Child Protection Referral form directly from Sims.


Service Request Form
This  report enables you to generate the Service Request form directly from Sims.


CAF & CAF Delivery Plan and Review Forms
These reports enable you to generate the standard CAF form  and CAF Delivery Plan & Review form directly from Sims.


Further information on CAF may be found at the following link.