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Pupil Premium

Below are the documents required to maintain Pupil Premium in SIMS. ICT Services do provide a SIMS Pupil Premium Check for £99. Please see the flyer below for full details.

Documents for Download

All the files below can only be downloaded from within a Hertfordshire school in schools only...


Report contents



Pupil Premium Checking Service – please download the flyer for full details of this service.


Pupil Premium Instructions - These instructions detail the procedure for importing the DfE file and instructions as to how to maintain Pupil Premium in SIMS.


DfE Conditions of Grant for PPG 2019-2020 - These are available here


Advising the DfE that a pupil was included in the School Census file for FSM in error – School have an obligation to notify the DfE if in error a pupil has been included with FSM dates in a school census. This form is available here