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Further update regarding CTF Import Issue causing possible corruption to Contact records in SIMS

This is to further update schools, following our previous communications regarding the CTF Issue in SIMS that has potentially corrupted Contact data (the most recent of which being an email sent to all HfL SIMS supported schools on 19th July 2018).

In an effort to collate all of the information provided to date and ensure schools have the latest guidance available to them, please see below a document that outlines the issue in SIMS, how to identify if it could affect your school and how to use tools provided by Capita to check your data’s integrity. Also below is a PowerPoint presentation from Capita, which is referenced in the document, that schools should use to facilitate the data checking process.

We have made 2 patches available to all schools via SOLUS3 (detailed in the documentation) and these can be deployed in the usual way.

Note: Capita have taken the proactive precautionary decision to suspend some of their Online Services/Modules, as detailed in the below documentation, and so it is advisable for schools to take the required action as soon as possible, not only to ensure the integrity of your data but also to enable you to reactivate these suspended services.


Notes on version 2.2 of the HfL document:

We have added a couple of points of clarification in the document, including the need for all schools to deploy/re-deploy Patch 24213 towards the end of the process (in step 5), regardless of whether this patch has already been applied. This is a clean-up script that needs to be run to ensure the integrity of your data and to prevent any possible CTF mismatch from taking place going forward. Also, schools only need to look into the results for Check 99 in Database Diagnostics, as per the updated PowerPoint.