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Secondary, Middle & Special Assessment Manager

Assessment Manager is part of the SIMS suite and is the ideal tool for recording your pupil’s assessments in a seamless manner. This module provides a means of recording a pupil's marks, grades and other scores to meet the school's day-to-day assessment needs and the statutory assessment requirements of the National Curriculum. Once data has been recorded in Assessment Manager, the SIMS Analysis suite can be used to support the identification of strengths and weaknesses within the school.

Some of the benefits of using Assessment Manager in your school:

  • Maintains a historical record of individual assessments over time allowing powerful analysis of that data.
  • Facilitates the monitoring and tracking of pupil attainment over time.
  • 'Offline' data entry is available after Assessment Manager Marksheets have been exported to Excel spreadsheets. These are easily imported back into the system
  • Individual pupil reports produced using the functionality of Microsoft Word Mail Merge including free text comments.
  • Individual reports generated in Assessment Manager are available from the SIMS .net Pupil Record directly – no more searching for paper copies

We can offer on-site training in the use of both Assessment Manager and Discover (details of which can be found here), or a demonstration of either module for senior leaders, on request. Please contact the Service Desk on 01438 844777, option 1, option 1 to discuss your requirments.

For information on Statutory End of Key Stage please click here.

Documents for download in schools only...


Documents for download

All the files below are only available within a Hertfordshire school


Preparing for a New Academic Year in Assessment Manager

This document (DMS023) contains some useful tips for preparing Assessment Manager ready for the new academic year 2019/20.



SIMS CAS KS4 Analysis resources

The most up-to-date CAS KS4 Analysis Resources can be found here.

Refer to document DMS036 – SIMS KS4 Analysis Resources Catalogue for version changes. (Updated to v1.09)

If you wish to use the ‘Tgt’ aspects you also need to import the KS4 Assessment Mapping Tool Aspect_Eng.XML



SIMS CAS Post 16 Value Added Ready Reckoner

Documentation and resources for running the CAS Post 16 Value Added Ready Reckoner from SIMS Assessment Manager.



DMS094 - Downloading and using 7-Zip



SIMS Programme of Study Overview - with the changes to the National Curriculum at KS3 and the move towards Assessment Without Levels, this document (reference W150) provides an overview of the Programme of Study functionality in the latest release of SIMS, which could offer a potential solution to assessment and tracking for your school.



Using Assessment Lookup Tables in SIMS
This document (S1558) provides instructions for creating and using Assessment Lookup Tables, which could be used to project expected attainment for students in Assessment Manager, based on current performance.



DMS088 - Troubleshooting Assessment Manager/Profiles Reports

In some circumstances, the report output will display the tags rather than the results. You may also experience an issue where results shift across cells in a report output. If you experience either issue, please download this document which contains advice to help resolve both problems.