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Schools can use Profiles to produce high quality, fully customisable reports. These can include graphics such as a school logo, together with textual comments linked to the grades, marks or scores recorded in Assessment Manager. A summary of Attendance statistics for the individual pupil can also be included in the report.

Schools can set up the structure and format of the report that meets the schools needs in a Microsoft Word template.

Users are able to:

  • Define banks of comments for use in the reporting process, taking full advantage of Windows functionality in creating the look of the text and in copying and pasting individual comments.
  • Collect selections of comments and free text in a flexible manner, using either direct keyboard selection or OMR entry
  • Define the structure of the report in a manner which reflects the school's needs
  • Define the format of the report using a Microsoft Word template
  • Generate the report taking full advantage of Microsoft Word's polished output
  • Export individual student reports as separate Microsoft Word files for further 'Offline' editing
  • Store the report safely against the individual student record using the SIMS .net Document Management System

Comment Banks are available for purchase from Capita. Please contact Amanda Newmarch for further information on 01438 844777 Option 1 then Option 1.