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EYFS Attainment on Entry Data Collection

The updated instructions and SIMS report file for this voluntary data collection are now available and can be downloaded from here. The instruction document will guide you through the correct process to download the report (RptDef) file.



SIMS KS4 Analysis Resources here



**IMPORTANT ** Secondary schools – importing KS2 results September 2016 cohort

The DfE has now made KS2 Test Results available via the NCA Tools website.

Schools will need to enter the UPN numbers to the NCA Tools website in the usual way to generate a CTF file for import. Prior to importing the file, please ensure that you have imported the Key Stage 2 Templates for 2016 from the AMPA folder via SIMS route Routines > Data In > Assessment > Import. Select the file

En KS2 Templates 2016.xml from within the AMPA\England Secondary (and Middle deemed Secondary)\Assessment Manager folder.

Schools should then import the CTF file into SIMS, via Routines > Data In > CTF > Import CTF. In order to import results for pre-admission students not yet on your school roll, the filename should be in the format 919XXXX_CTF_919XXXX_001.xml, where XXXX is your school’s DfE Establishment number). You may need to amend the filename changing KS2 to CTF so that it matches this format before importing it into SIMS. The file MUST be imported using the ‘general’ option, selecting the option to put new students into pre-admission.



Key Stage 2 Test Results & Reporting

The DfE has today made KS2 Test Results available via the NCA Tools website and schools should follow the instructions in the SITSS KS2 document (ref. S1602) to import the file into SIMS. Please note that we highly recommend using Internet Explorer to download the file as this will ensure the filename remains in the correct format. If you use Chrome, etc. you may find that the filename is appended with a number in parentheses and this will need to be removed so that the file can be seen by SIMS (the filename should be in the format 919XXXX_KS2_919XXXX_001.xml, where XXXX is your school’s DfE Establishment number). You may need to amend the filename so that it matches this format before importing it into SIMS.

Once the file has been imported you will be able to print the individual reports for sending to parents. Please note that the ‘KS2 Analysis Report’ should be made available via the Primary PA Plus subscription website in the next few days and subscribers will be notified via email when this is ready to download.



KS1 Phonics Screening Check Threshold

The Standards & Testing Agency (STA) has announced that the Threshold for the 2016 Phonics Screening Checks remains at 32. This means that we will not be publishing any additional wizards to our website and schools can calculate the Phonic Grades for each child using the original 2016 wizards you already have, following the instructions in our document (reference S1600), located here. This will then enable schools to produce the reports to parents.



EYFS Progress Toolkit – Update

We have introduced an additional grade into the Toolkit, plus made some enhancements to the reports. All schools that have purchased the Toolkit will be emailed, to the admin account, with instructions on how to download and import the latest updates, along with a summary of the changes made. The files are held in a secure section of the Grid, so schools will need the email before they can access the updated resources.



End of Key Stage Documentation is now available

You will find here documentation and supporting files for completing your End of Key Stage submissions for 2016. The submission dates are also included on that page.

Printed copies of the documents have been posted to schools and should arrive in the school’s post bag during the week commencing 6th June 2016.



Important information for Primary Heads and Assessment Coordinators

Schools that have subscribed to the HfL Primary PA+ subscription package should by now have received an email with details of how to download and import updated AM7 reports. An updated Report Catalogue (document PA001) and a document detailing the changes made in these reports (PA008) are also available. You must be logged into the HfL resources subscription area in order to access these files. Once logged in, click on My Groups, then on the link for the Primary PA+, followed by the link for Assessment (including SIMS resources). The updated reports and other supporting documents can then be found at the bottom of this page.

Please note that schools who downloaded and imported the updated template files in the Autumn term do not need to download and import these again as there have been no changes to the templates.



For issues running Assessment Manager Individual Reports following the SIMS Autumn 2015 upgrade, please click here


Guidance on dealing with KS4 assessment reform in SIMS here