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September 2012

Q: Problems reconciling July and August Barclays Bank Account

A:Somes schools have had July and August Payroll rejected, you will see this as a payment then a receipt saying 'Unpaid'

Q: Bank Interest payment - Barclays

A: This is showing on the Deposit Account (FIBCA) and not on the Current Account. This should be entered as normal onto your RM Finance

Q: Payment of the Terms and Conditions Buyback showing on Sept Central Billing on Analysis code 100100

A: This should be posted to your accounts to E08  106700 to the budget account that was set up in April

Q: Final bank statement from Nat West

A: Nat West are finalising bank account in batches - when you receive the final one it should be faxed to School Funding Tel: 01992 555699.