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All the files below can only be downloaded if you are in a Hertfordshire school

Early Years Portal Documents


Background information sheet
An explanation of why schools will be using the Early Years Portal in future

Timeline for autumn term 2017
A note of key dates to work to in order to complete the Autumn Term funding return

DAF guidance notes
Key information for schools about the new Disability Access Fund

30 Hours Free childcare information handout for parents
A one page explanatory note to give to parents about the new 30 Hours Free Childcare scheme

Funding dates and information for schools
Key dates for Headcounts in the 17-18 financial year

Notes for Early Years Portal
Autumn Term Timeline 30 hours claims
DAF Guidance Notes
Funding Dates and Information (Schools) 2017 - 2018
HCC 30 Hours Free Childcare information for parents

Year End Information


School Fund / Private Accounts - guidance on accounting, reporting and audit arrangements
Most schools are no longer required to submit a basic annual return for each such account to the Chief Internal Auditor. The attached document provides guidance to schools on what is expected in terms of the production of annual final accounts and the audit or independent examination of these.

Guidance Notes on Accounting Issues Relating to the Treatment of Income & Payments in Consortia and Between Schools

Reimbursements due to Schools 2016/17

In order to achieve a clear cut off on capital reimbursements at year end, all requests for capital reimbursements must be received by the Capital Finance Team by Monday 20th February 2017. All correctly completed claims submitted by this date will be paid via the BISCUIT run in March 2017.

Where reimbursement claims are received after this date they can be processed in March providing that the claim is received by the Capital Finance Team by Monday 20 March 2017. We will email the school's Admin address to confirm that the requested reimbursement has been processed. These claims will be paid through the March Year End BISCUIT run and you will need to raise a prepayment(s) in your accounts for the reimbursement amount(s), using account code 400000 for furniture and equipment and account code 200200 for building works (boilers, roofing, etc). You must not include the amounts reimbursed in the Year End Capital Returns

Please note that all reimbursements must be posted to your accounts with the effect of reducing expenditure and not as income received. The reimbursements must be posted as expenditure corrections, where the accounting package allows, or as minus expenditure. Reimbursements must be posted to relevant expenditure account codes and not as income received.

2016/17 Capital Year End Returns

The deadline for the submittal of all Community, Voluntary Controlled and Foundation schools' 2016/17 Year End Capital Return is Friday 7th April 2017. The return will be available on Solero from Monday 20th February. Voluntary aided schools do not need to produce a capital year end return.

Your capital expenditure needs to be classified (e.g. Buildings, ICT, Furniture & Equipment), and accompanied by summary narrative of the specific items within each line. This information will form the basis of the detail held on our central balance sheet records. Please ensure that any items of furniture, equipment, vehicles and ICT hardware and software included in the return are also entered onto your local asset register or inventory, indicating that it is capital spend and showing the year of purchase. This will support future asset verification work. Please ensure copies are kept of invoices relating the capital expenditure as this may be required by the auditors.

Approved Budget Return


Approved Budget Return

To be submitted to the School Funding Unit by 31 May 2014



For information on banking for Hertfordshire Schools please visit:




Authorised Signatory Forms for SERCO (formerly ITNET)

For changes to authorised signatories held by Serco (formerly ITNET). Schools must register authorised signatories to enable Serco to process invoices and payroll transactions on behalf of the school.


There are separate forms for Schools with Other Payroll Providers and Academies.

Termly Financial Returns


The preferred method of submitting a termly financial return is the e-based return using Solero. Instructions can be found on the School Funding Unit Timetables and Deadlines page.


Year to End of


Submission Date

Summer Term

1 April - 31 August 20xx

15 October 20xx

Autumn Term

1 April - 31 December 20xx

15 February 20xx