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Finance Lease Information


Word 2003, 33kb/1 page, 23/03/2015, finance_leases_for_cs_v1.docx

Year End Guidance

Financial Guidance Notes for the Production of the Year End Statement of Accounts.

Hertfordshire Schools are required to make a number of returns at the end of every financial year.

The guidance document can be downloaded from the Timetables, Deadlines & Year End Information page:


As Schools should be aware from the 1st of April 2012 all schools will have to meet the cost of maternity from their local budgets and the Sickness and supply scheme will close.

Capital Accounting Guidance

A clear distinction needs to be made between expenditure that prevents the impairment of an asset (revenue), and expenditure that enhances an asset (capital). These distinctions are important to ensure a true reflection of capital in the County Council’s accounts. This document provides guidance to schools on the treatment of capital, including important distinctions between capital and revenue expenditure and principles of proper capital accounting treatment.

RM Finance Capital Return Bulletins

Budget Preparation Guidance for Schools

This booklet provides information on a range of issues for schools in the preparation of budgets for 2019/20.

Budget Preparation Guide 2019-20

Financial Handbook for Schools 2017-18


The Financial Handbook for Schools (April 2017 edition) contains key documents setting out the financial relationship and financial management requirements between the LEA and its schools. The handbook applies to all community voluntary, foundation and special schools maintained by Hertfordshire County Council.

Financial Handbook for Schools 17-18

Schools VAT Rate Change January 2010

Curriculum School Trips Provided by Tour Operators

Scheme for Financing Schools

This is the formal document underpinning the financial relationship between schools and the Authority

School Meals and Milk Guidance

    • This booklet is a comprehensive guide, aimed to assist schools with the administration of school meals and milk.
    • Guidance on accounting for HCL charges


The Gas Calculator  


This gas calculator and accompanying notes can be used by schools to estimate unbilled gas charges. Please read the accompanying notes before using this spreadsheet.

Children's Centres

Guidance for schools  who are lead agencies to  children’s centres.

Operational Fee calculation sheet.

Children's centre return 2010-11.

School Journey Book

The School Journey Book should be used to record all income and expenditure transactions for an offsite visit. It is now only available to download from this link. If you  experience any problems accessing this document and would prefer a hard copy, please contact School Funding on 01992 555722.

The Offsite Visit Forms and Financial Trip Reconciliation forms can be accessed on the SIMS reporting page:

Best Value Guides

A series of guides for Hertfordshire schools offering practical advice on how to secure value for money in the individual school context and can be downloaded from the following site:


Loan Scheme

Rules and conditions applicable to the Schools Loan Scheme