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School Funding Formula Consultation 2018-19

(for primary and secondary schools and academies)

2018-19 sees the introduction of the National Funding Formula (NFF) for schools. However, the NFF will only be used to calculate the amount of schools grant to be allocated to each local authority area. Individual school budget shares and academy general annual grant (GAG) allocations will still be calculated using the local authority funding formula. Hertfordshire’s schools grant will increase by 1.5% in 2018-19 as a result of the NFF. However, Hertfordshire has been using money from reserves to help fund schools in 2017-18 and will have to reduce the contribution from reserves in 2018-19 as they start to run out. Therefore the net additional resource available for funding schools will be around 1% in 2018-19.

HCC is consulting schools about how this extra resource should be allocated, as well as about two other issues related to the introduction of the NFF, the funding for looked after children and the level of the Minimum Funding Guarantee . A final question asks about updating unit funding rates to take account of changes in additional needs data.

Please read the consultation document below and then respond to the consultation on the link below.

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The following link will take you four questions to vote on:

Consultation closed.

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